Women`s Roles Now And Beyond Part 1

Five Reasons You Should Care And Understand The Uncertainties That Still looms.


 It is so liberating to live in reality. It is equally appealing when you interact with other women who had experience similar issues. This is 2014, you should expect that we are no longer in the 50s; we are liberated to a core, but wait a second. Women’s problem is everyone’s problem and should concern you too.

 In reality, what determines our children’s well being or assumed success rate was based on many factors. Factors like how well off their parents are, how traditional or untraditional they were. You can also put good environment into the equation, but things are not always the same for example, if you take their fathers away, most children will spend a big chunk of their childhood with their mums preferably. But what happens when the mother is not around? Then the next alternative even closest to mum will be grandmother. Yes women`s role as women are everlasting, It does not have an end. Women’s role therefore factors more in our children`s life. Women are not afraid to get into argument with their children especially when there was need for it . Grandmothers try their best too, but I would rather advocate for a disciplined dad to take care of the children in a special circumstances than a soft grandmother who will always give them a  million reasons why they should drop out of school early. When there is no discipline in the house, children tend to do whatever they want which will still come back and haunt them including those around them.

 The question still remain, how many grandmothers are ready for the unexpected? How many are educated to handle early child development knowing that if  a child misses any part of that early stage of development, it would be hard to recover? For example, my grandmother was not educated. I was eager to learn, but I never did my homework. If only my grandmother was educated, I would lament. I would have been in a better place now.

 Yet sadly, according to Population Record Bureau, growing numbers of children in the United States are living with a grandparent.They confirmed that in 2010, about one in 14 U.S. children (7 percent) lived in a household headed by a grandparent—for a total of 5.4 million children, up from 4.7 million in 2005.  But here is the reason why women`s problems should concern us even if they are grandmothers helping out.

photo bucketPhoto bucket.

  1 First the job that women do cannot be underestimated. Without women, whether they are our mothers or grandmothers, many children will still be in poverty .As someone who grew up with her grandmother in a poor neighborhood in Africa, I saw a lot of potential in women that would have helped them and their children, but during those times, women had no opportunities to help neither themselves nor their children. They were less educated and only became farmers. But the progresses that women have made over the years are remarkable. Yet women`s struggles are still on the rise. Today, women are still poor and that affects everything. But even with the standard of education we have now, there are still sets backs that is why women`s problems should be given full attention.

The problem may not even be education anymore but how do we transition from A to B without obstacles like finding a perfect schedule, or getting into a high skilled jobs without so many eyes rolling, or take for instance a woman who has three children and thinking about going to Iraq or even Africa to cover a project; can she just wake up and go? or will it take months for her to prepare. Or can anyone imagine a mother living the house whenever she wants without worrying about her children. But all this issues can never be an issue for any man regardless of how insignificant his job is. But to say there is competition with men is to do injustice to them since their roles are different from our, but as a woman, I guess something got to give. I have faced more challenges recently than I ever thought otherwise.

As a big advocate for education we can scream about education for our young girls. Yes, educate more girls early is a good way no doubt about it, but what happens after the education might shock you. So there is still this uncertainty surrounding us.


It is sad to think that women’s problems are getting better but not so fast. As we are still unable to transition very well from the old accustomed roles; cooking, dish washing, laundries, and making crafts.I  never knew I will be discussing this. The worst is that our own children. Are we preparing them for those roles which will come back and haunt them one way or another? Grade three elementary cooking book is not going to do it as my daughter had just found out. Unless they chose not to be married like the people in the medieval period are now accustom to.  Throughout this month, we will be looking at the improvements that women have made over the years, and the areas that we still need improvement. This month with the help of the Clinton Global initiative, we will be following facts. In as much as I hate to campaign for women’s role in the society, but we cannot help now to see how our roles are changing so fast. How can we comfortably say what we are doing, who we are, and where we want to go without getting some mixed signals? Why are males still preferred when hiring for a job. Can we have it both ways without some obstacles?

This post will be so long; therefore I have reduced it to 1 point per a page. Thanks for understanding.

Only few people can write poetry and avoid topics like children, politics, women, and hard ship.  I feel depress when someone suggested that because I talk politics, children, and religion therefore I get confuse. The truth is that my life will not be complete if not for all the experiences I had as child growing up observing disaster after disaster, yet I was smiling. Little did I know that those memories will come back to haunt me. I got involve with the bible and then fell in love with poetry because I was able to express my feelings without someday saying anything about it.

Next time I will look into how education is seriously affecting us the good and the bad. Stay tuned.

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Note: What bothers me more than anything I have experienced here is how people attach every honest opinion to race.


The Street That Spoke The Truth

Where are all the new zones
I want to be in the street that lays out the rules
So that children will learn how to follow direction
A street that told the truth                                                 
The problem of telling the truth is that
At home you are taught about truth
You are lectured about telling the truth
At six, you are spanked for telling a lie
Inside the church, the bible tells you about honesty
Your mother is happy whenever you say the truth
But remember truth does not always bring you happiness
Truth outside your home brings you hardship
Truth must be twisted for it to gain momentum
You must live a lie to become what you are not
It helps you see that what you were told
May not really exist
But telling the truth is not wrong for us
If only you can hear the truth
You must know what you want before you can stand on the truth
Try to move to a land where you can hid in your true words
Little truth could have saved many more children
Complication would have left them
But I still wonder why the public knocks you down from saying the truth
I will go back and relearn what it means to be truthful
Truth will save us from hatred, from destruction, from liars
Mothers be ready to teach your little ones the truth even if it will cause
Them their joy

For The love Of History The Wedding

What are you reading? What type of books do you like to read? Although Black History month has ended today, still  these two revolutionaries made history during Harlem Renaissance.

Harlem Renaissance was a movement that started in 1920s. It was an African American culture, particularly in the creative arts of that period. It later became one of the most influential movements in African American history. It created works for a lot of African American writers that had no opportunities then. Dorothy  contributed to the writing of that movement, yet it took  her years to write her  first novel.

Her book became  a masterpiece which called for a  celebration  due to many years it took to publish the book ( 26years). The Wedding was about people, her family, married life, love, color, and how race became an integral part of that novel. How race interfered in everything. Her determination to write after many failures blew my heart. I read her book in a comparative literature class about six years ago. Her determination to publish that book gained her attention. She was a timeless author whose work was admired by her co-authors Langston Hughes  who once called her “A student of human race”.Why do professors incorporate people like her in literature? They do so because people can learn from their strengths.

Dorothy West

W EB, Du Bois made history by becoming the first African America to earn a PhD from Harvard. He fought for  black culture, for  education and most especially for people to continuously aspire higher. He wrote many proses and poems. He created arts for his people. .

Sometimes, I worry about history. I worry also about those who intentionally misunderstood what history is all about. Our work is always a working process. Every timeless work of arts, takes time. Now to write a book or not to write a book is a decision one has to go through. Why is it difficult to produce a book?  A book is not about show and tell as most people will tell you. If I quote Martin Buber “a book may die before it gets to its destination”. You never know where a book will come alive. This was based on his  observations with his many  books. Most timeless books may or may not get attention they deserve.

wei buis

Secondly, a book may or may not have a purpose yet it will find a way to fulfill those purposes. Take Dorothy’s book for instance, the Wedding was about her family, marrying outside her race. From all indication, we also learned that race is not a cultural thing but a human thing. People will always look at you differently as long as you are different from them. I worry about all the war on race. One of the things I had never carried on my sleeve and I am sure you do not carry was how people see race. It takes away all we are, who we are, and why we are here on earth. In Dorothy`s world, we cannot help but ask the question “can people escape all the forces that had followed them all their lives?  Must something always had  to remind us about race? Of course yes!Can we escape been called out it either way. Are we directing our children in the right way?

Secondly, her book reminds us that it does not matter how many years it took to produce a book, just write.  A book is a book regardless. Thanks for reminding us that race is a human thing. We cannot escape it. History lives on. This is also an opportunity to say thank you to all of you that have opened door for me; whether through a book, or webinar or all the stuff that matters to me. I hope we continue to work in harmony .I am still a working progress. I still put everything into  considerations. Thank you all. Please if you want to know more about  the book feel free to let me know.

For all of you who have continued to seek peace
For making our  work easier.
Thanks for all that you do to create peace.
We continue to live because of all they have done.

A Road To Unknown

As people grow, they find different things that appeal to them. It can be money, it can be relationships, it can be cars, it can be love, or if you are like me, you must have grown up loving poetry and all it stands for is whatever happens to what we love in our lives. My happiness comes from what I see every day. My joy has always been fixed on one thing and one thing only. I wish we live in a perfect world where everything is so perfect but we don`t. I wish we live in a world where people are so impeccable but no, we are not. I also wish we live in a world where someone is not crying every day for  their loss. It is almost sad to wrap ourselves around and know where we are going from here. As  someone who had played a peaceful role in school for 15years and going. It is hard to say that everything is okay.There has been a time that all I have done is to sit down and cry.   I worry about our children. I worry about so many things that make sense to human. I worry about where it is going to end. It is not about our position in the world anymore, but it`s about things that may or may not make sense to an ordinary eye. It`s about the hatred that people have for each other yet in a very silence but painful way.

A Writers Role According To Achebe

A Writers Role especially African`s writers according to Achebe

Things Fall Apart ...we are acknowledging writers who have paved the way for Africans  literature.

things fall apart

In celebrating African-American month, one cannot read our history or understand our fights without looking at it through the eyes of some of our revolutionaries and authors. The role of a writer should not be underestimated. This writer`s role plays many function in educating about the responsibility of attaching human values through his or her work. The job of a novelist is to help people see dangers that normally would not have been brought to people’s attention. The ability for an African writer to see, feel, hear, and still maintain a peaceful composure should  be admired by all people.

Writing is a testimony as ‘Things Fall Apart’ taught us; if you did not document your work, and get credit for it, it never happened. The power of words cannot be ignored as poetry has become a bridge to the people’s hearts. The words in Achebe`s poetry have a way of connecting with the people as his other works showed .And as Rita Dove rightly said, “Every town needs it poet”.

Achebe was born in the Village of Ogidi, a few miles from Onitsha in Nigeria. He became one of the first students to graduate from the University College Ibadan in 1953. Like many authors, Achebe was to study medicine but was attracted to the liberal arts which lead him to read English literature. As a visionary, he did so many good things that helped put him in a right path to success. His upbringing helped him; as he credited his early success to his Ibo community with a great leadership role. He benefited from the love and caring people in his community.

His novel became a story with a universal appeal. According to Steven H. Gale, part of the value and appeal of this novel laid in Achebe detailing the everyday life of the nine villages in Nigeria, and   Umofia in particular, in what would become the nation of Nigeria, in the days immediately before the coming of the white man (Gale).

Talking about learning:Things Fall Apart’ exposes the danger, fear, and the resistance that civilization brought to the people of Nigeria. The novel focused its roots on the conflicts and tensions within the Ibo society; as well as, changes that were introduced by colonial rule and Christianity. Achebe had fun as he was narrating the resistance that followed it.

As a learner, you can learn from others that life is not really what it seems. In Things Fall Apart, the main star of the story Okonkwo became a major character that brought honor to his community. He became a renowned macho man yet, his life according to the narrator was dominated by his “fear of failure and of weaknesses”. The book maintained its dignity yet was able to narrate a life of difficulties, pain, and sorrow that people went through.

Throughout the novel, Achebe played different roles but the most obvious role was his role,

as a teacher. Achebe believes that the role of a novelist is to teach. In his own word

, “the writer cannot be excused from the task of re-educating and re-generation that must be done. In fact he should march right in front. For he is after all – as Ezekiel Mphahele says in his African Image-the sensitive point in his community “. (Gale 74)

Through this book, readers understood what it means to live in fear. From reading, they saw that change was hard but it can also be a good thing if one gives it a chance.

Adding values, Achebe spoke widely on what he considers to be the role of a writer and in particular, the responsibilities of an African writer.

“I believe that the writer should be concerned with the question of human values” As a novelist, Achebe attempts to educate his readers, to expose them to “human values” (Gale)

As a re-teller :One of the important aspects of Achebe`s book was the retelling of the story so that the younger generation could still see it as it was in those days.

Life in Nigeria would have been different if not for the important lesson everyone learned from ‘Things Fall Apart.’ The book brought him fame, favor, and admiration from all over the world that he would not have had otherwise. The book reiterated the importance of embracing change, especially the ones we could not change.

Through his book, most people realize that spoken words are different from writing. Most importantly,before’Things Fall Apart’, things were already complicated in Nigeria. For Achebe to have been so creative with that title within that period of turmoil portrayed everything. It meant so much to see how things began to unravel.

Another role he bestowed on African writers is to educate. Every growing child needs good educators. They need good role models to help and guide them. But the task of educating his fellow Africans is a great challenge too as he later found out.

According to him,

 “It is inconceivable to me that a serious writer could stand aside from this debate or to be indifferent to this argument which calls his full humanity in question. For me, at any rate there is clear duty to make a statement. This is my answer to those who say that a writer should be writing about contemporary issues- about politics in 1964 , about city life, about the last coup d’état. Of course, these are all legitimate themes for the writer but as far as I am concerned the fundamental theme must first be disposed of. This theme, put quite simply, is that African people did not hear of culture for their first time from Europeans; that their societies were not mindless but frequently had a philosophy of great depth and value and beauty, that they had poetry and, above all, they had dignity. It is this dignity that many African people all but lost during the colonial period, and it is this that they must now regain. The worst thing that can happen to any people is the loss of their dignity and self-respect. The writer’s duty is to help them regain it by showing them in human terms what happened to them, what they lost….” (Gale 75)

But in all circumstances a writer should never lose his credibility and integrity.

Another role expected from African writers  is to maintain integrity. As a  writer, it is easy to get caught up with what people want to hear. By doing so, one can mix up wrong facts and ideas which can also take a writer a way from honesty that writing requires.  To Achebe,  African writer has a role of maintaining integrity and trustworthy which is seen in the writing.

In Achebe`s world,

“The question is how does a writer re-create this past? Quite clearly there is a strong temptation to select only those facts that will flatter him. If he succumbs he will have branded himself as an untrustworthy witness. But it is not only his personal integrity as an artist which is involved. The credibility of the world he is attempting to recreate will be called to question and he will defeat his own purpose. If he is suspected of glossing over inconvenient facts. We cannot pretend that our past was long, Technicolor idyll. We have to admit that like other people`s past ours had its good as well as-its bad sides”. (Gale77)

My second blog was titled Our Lives As Readers. It was based on the things I read as a child in Africa. For those of you who read the blog that is where it all began; it brought back memories that a good book is supposed to. My own pains introduced me to literature early on in life. Probably poetry opened the door for me.

In life, one cannot be a profound leader if one does not read books. In other words, how can you retell a story if you have not read one yourself? Or how can you write one if you do not read books yourself? One of the most important things anyone can do for children is to introduce them to books early on . It is so easy to get caught up in what is trending, things that those children may not need anyway. Without our leaders we will have no future and our duty now is to continue to aspire higher, and never settle from things that will not help us.

It is with great honor to look at all the role models : Alice walker, W.E. B Du Bois, Maya Angelou , Anne Moody, Frederick Douglass, Langston Hughes and so many other  writers  that I could not name . We thank them for establishing the way for all of us. We have come to embrace them especially during this black history month.

The great Chinua Achebe was the man who gave Africa a voice

By Ellah  Wakatama Allfrey

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Living On Memory

Happy Valentine’s Day!

There`s a saying that says whenever one woke up is his or her morning. Valentine’s day is over but will still go on until the end of the weekend if I am not mistaken. I love the word Valentine as it means so much to so many people of different ages, young adults and children.


For older adults it may mean real love followed by a proposal. A love story about a boy meets a girl and fell in love on a valentines day and they got married. The end. For others, it may mean the exchange of gifts like flowers,or going to their favorite restaurant or playing golf in a very cool place.

For some  it may mean disappointment. For example, I bought a product that I was suppose to use for my blog today, but I  could not get it to work.

A perfect valentine would have been to showcase my new skill,the art that I have been learning recently. But I was exhausted trying to put it together to no avail . I spent an extra thirty minutes before  realizing it was not going to work regardless of how hard  I tried. It was funny because I had planned this for a week, and now to see it was not working . It is funny  how our lives revolve around our work.

I learned  an important lesson that not all products work the same. Some products do specific jobs regardless of how we try to move them around.

I also learned that some people know how to protect their works on internet. For example when I copy and paste, the whole website where I copied it from followed me which is strange.

Secondly, Just like adults, valentines can mean so many things for children. For example, in my daughter`s  class  party today , their ideal valentine is the decorated cookies and the icing. All the candies, the pizzas, the juice boxes and the goody bags. Looking at how happy they were, none of them  could care less about all the other things that we  adults worry about.

Some kids ate more than two pizzas and you will perhaps be wondering what  an adult  would have done  in this situation especially if that person  was  in love . That took me back to 20 years ago in a similar situation that my stomach refused food because I was overjoyed. But the following year same time same occasion I ate because  all I have to be bothered about was food .

For the majority of the children it is about the color of the sprinkles, pink, red, white, and one can see their eyes sparkles as we sprayed more sprinkles.

Valentine has been about  memories.

As a young girl growing up with many questions, I wrote so many love letters for my friends. What made it remarkable was  the memories. Both the good, the bad, and the ugly still lives with me. Everything I knew about the  missing cards was part of  the memories.  In those days  a girl spends all her money to buy, a card  just to  realize that the man she was dating has a wife who lives far away and had never told her . But please do not let that discourage you, for it is apart of life.

I could have gone to bed today without worrying about this special day,  but I should not have ignored it because I know so many of my readers and those I read that are so much into Valentine’s day.

To ignore this day is to ignore why we are here on earth. Love is what makes the world merrier.

Recently, I have been loved more than ever in my life. The people have shown me what love means. Their dedication, caring, and kindness has made it so hard for me to  disappear. I am not so good with emotion when it comes to  expressions of love .

But please from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that you do. You are an inspiration to me and others . Words cannot express what your kindness means to me. I wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day.


For extra help you can read more.


Nature Will Listen

In a quiet, snooze water
In ocean front
Sizzled in calmness
Where the water speaks
Nothing left here to see
The sound from the waives
The little time spent on a quiet place
A refreshing feelings supported by nature,
The echoes
The joy that will not go unnoticed
Calling all the moon,
All the natural sounds
To come and soothes away the worry

Loss In A Broken Furrow

Rolling the dyke

Wide arm so open

So real

Tangled mind

With no strings attached

Racing for the finish line

With heart still pumping

Think, where, when

What will happen to the children?

The jungle of a place

So unreal

So callous

What matter has no longer existed?

What is trending is so distorted.


What we are now is limited.

Real color becomes an art for condolence.

You cannot see what is real.

Separation of the heart from the soul

When will children have a break?

Over the sea the danger looms.

Distortion of imagery

Undelivered memos

Unkempt envoys

The eye services, the adversary,

The protractors,

The muddles, jumbles, and nimble

The ones you can no longer trust

Those that you can never see again

Those that made it a race

When and where can they  have a wondrous place

In amidst of it all

Pray for sanity, for peace, for love, for merciless peace

A time to sit down and raise your hand

A place to quietly wipe the tears

Because the trust is still up in the air

When you can feel, see, the loss of a golden furrow


Thinking Globally Might Be Actually Good For you.

According to Urban Dictionary thinking globally means that “a country, company, university or individual thinks not just in term of their own existence and prosperity but they realize that people are now more connected worldwide than ever before via information technology and  that what they do have, not only impacts worldwide but also has the capacity to improve the lives of those in far flung corners of the world”.

There are some topics I do not like to go into details about because I usually leave it for the experts to talk about. I hate topics like global issues because I am still confused about many changes that had taken place over time. I started blogging thinking my blog was still in Phoenix where I had my computer; it took me three months to realize that I was on the World Wide Web. Secondly, I thought all Nigerians on my Facebook were all living in the United States, until they told me they were still in Africa. I was shocked that the world is closer than I supposed.   My strength is in poetry, going to college for 16 years( which seems like forever), having children, and empowering others .


 But recently a lot has happened. Our kids are 13, 10/1/2, 8, and five. In trying to avoid filling their brains with all that did not matter to them at young age, we stayed clear of so many topics. Topics like Africa as a whole and Nigeria in particular, slavery, racism, injustice, and stereotype. We always let them figure out the world by themselves. But the bad side of not teaching your kids things yourself is that they will learn it somewhere regardless. Guess what? Our kids know about Africa but only know the poor Africa where people take showers with a bucket. They know that there are plenty of roaches, monkeys, and animals in Africa.  They vowed that they will not go to Africa until they are ready.

As parents, it is imperative to help our children to diffuse some myths about Africa, poverty, racism, and stereotypes. One fascinating thing I have come to know is that most children now get their information on TV. They know more than you think they know.  As soon as they see any African picture with children carrying a bucket, they automatically assume that is all of Africa. They know so much even when you hate to teach them about race and all that has nothing to do with them.

 I am just like them too. Growing up in Africa, I had these similar myths that there is nothing that could be done about Africa; I also wrote a poem based on what I experienced as a child, called Children of Africa. But the best part of writing is that you use a past history to remind people about what was wrong and how you hope that things will change. Does it mean that corruption will go away in Africa? No because there are still things you see and believe that they have a long way to go.

 Then there are other areas of improvement and all one will do is give credit to this entire people who started this movement of elevating children from suffering. If I hadn’t come to America, I would have still been stuck in a place not knowing what was wrong with me. Sometimes children are born into different circumstance that they were unaware of but we still have to give them the opportunity to survive. We need to give them an opportunity to do something right for others to achieve success.

Talking about improvement, in the early 70s most Africans did not have a way of getting their green cards which could have allowed them to travel. Usually, a green card gives one an opportunity to travel in and out of the United States. A green card gave them the opportunity to work hard, live a decent life in America. Without a green card no one could achieve great success. Before, most Africans carried all their families’ financial burdens. They sent money home despite all the challenges they faced.  Later as their status began to change, they began bringing their siblings over from Africa. I was one of those siblings who came because my sister was already living in the United States.  When those siblings came, they started to help others. That means their older brothers now got a break; with time more people came over. With more people coming over, things began to change; those who were here too took their knowledge back home. They became professors in African colleges; they started transferring their knowledge making Africa a stronger Nation. They started helping those with corrupt minds with how things are done. What you and I knew before does not matter as they are myths and not really facts. Things had changed.

How can we help our children to understand that helping someone is good because it will create more opportunities for others?   It will make their own job easy too. I am sure if children took care of themselves, their parents would have a break too. Looking at three myths from Bill and Melinda Gates will help you diffuse those ideas. Things have changed so I heard. Many African countries are doing great in terms of poverty, but it is not in my power to convince anyone that Africa is getting more work done now.

As an African myself, I have not really done a good job in explaining to  my children  what other good things that could come from Africa  if things were in order. I get it that things have changed, but it will it will also require more knowledge which will go beyond what is in a paper. Recently our children started making crafts from yard sale which I bought for  50 cents to be precise. The crafts looked so good and well-organized that I started to navigate how they can go to Africa and share some of their works.

 Now having come from Africa, I was skeptical at first because I know it will take a lot of money and preparation if I have to involve my kids. How I see Africa is totally different from how others see it. I see it from my personal narrative. Things I wished   that were there. How corruption took over.  I do not think it was advisable traveling with the children with less than enough money.  Africa has changed from all the things we now know. This article from Bill and Melinda Gates can help anyone to make a good decision on that. Things have changed. We need inspirations from everyone. We can thank all the people of the world for making the world a better place. The world is becoming closer. Thinking globally, according to Peter Kivistos, is one of the key ideas in sociology.” Looking towards  the global future”. How we can share ideas, learn from one another. Just like Kivisto said it in his book,, “what the future held in store for you at the dawn of the Twenty –First century? A brief look backward indicates how different is today from what it looked like at the beginning of the twentieth century. The sheer tale and scope of change renders this century distinct from its predecessor”.

In adding to what you know before, you can read this article from Bill and Belinda Gates about the Three Myths that block progress for the poor.

 1 Myth One:  Poor countries are doomed to stay poor. I think people worry about corruption when it comes to African stability. People hear more about corruption in Africa than other good things happening over there.

2 Myth Two:   Foreign Aid is a big waste of money: Recently a lady told me that she is tired of being a big brother to foreign nations. She hated the idea that the federal government is wasting their money on foreign Aid. What she does not know is that the world is changing a lot. We have more people who will give anything to come and live here work and gain knowledge. The more people gain knowledge the more they are willing to help others..

3 Myth Three: Saving lives leads to over population. This is a big lie.

How things have changed over the years will bring happiness to our hearts. Talking about “Wind of Change” , without sociology, things would have been different. . One of the key ideas in sociology is how we can share ideas, share knowledge, borrow language and learn from one another, produce more teachers to go across border and teach. Just like Bill and Melinda Gates said here. According to them, “Countries will learn from their most productive neighbors and benefit from innovations like new vaccines, better seeds, and the digital revolution. Their labor forces, buoyed by expanded education, will attract new investments”.  It is time again to think globally. Think Oneness. Your input means so much. Thank you for reading.


What is beauty?
An invisible object
Beauty has no color.
Beauty is warm.
It speaks no evil.
I worry about what you think about beauty, my friend.
Beauty has no name, yet it comes alive at the nearness of it.
What does the world gain from beautiful people?
Are we having it through the real definition of beauty?
Beauty has soul.
While beautiful people scream at what they do not have
Beauty is reserved, quiet, calm,
How about our beautiful angels?
Beauty is not explosive.
What is beauty?
How can we let the children know that beauty is a traveler?
As a traveler you watch and see
Love and behold
Help and adjust
Beauty is not eye service that disappears
At lights out
Beauty is all the little things that make people want to come to you.
Beauty is passion; it is how you feel and how you create things around you.
Beauty transcends physical imperfections
It goes beyond Kosovo, Antigua, and antique.
It moves beyond what you and I see on daily TV shows.
It goes beyond human understanding.
Beauty has passion, love, and brains too.
Beauty is in our heart because it is here tonight.