Living On Memory

Happy Valentine’s Day!

There`s a saying that says whenever one woke up is his or her morning. Valentine’s day is over but will still go on until the end of the weekend if I am not mistaken. I love the word Valentine as it means so much to so many people of different ages, young adults and children.


For older adults it may mean real love followed by a proposal. A love story about a boy meets a girl and fell in love on a valentines day and they got married. The end. For others, it may mean the exchange of gifts like flowers,or going to their favorite restaurant or playing golf in a very cool place.

For some  it may mean disappointment. For example, I bought a product that I was suppose to use for my blog today, but I  could not get it to work.

A perfect valentine would have been to showcase my new skill,the art that I have been learning recently. But I was exhausted trying to put it together to no avail . I spent an extra thirty minutes before  realizing it was not going to work regardless of how hard  I tried. It was funny because I had planned this for a week, and now to see it was not working . It is funny  how our lives revolve around our work.

I learned  an important lesson that not all products work the same. Some products do specific jobs regardless of how we try to move them around.

I also learned that some people know how to protect their works on internet. For example when I copy and paste, the whole website where I copied it from followed me which is strange.

Secondly, Just like adults, valentines can mean so many things for children. For example, in my daughter`s  class  party today , their ideal valentine is the decorated cookies and the icing. All the candies, the pizzas, the juice boxes and the goody bags. Looking at how happy they were, none of them  could care less about all the other things that we  adults worry about.

Some kids ate more than two pizzas and you will perhaps be wondering what  an adult  would have done  in this situation especially if that person  was  in love . That took me back to 20 years ago in a similar situation that my stomach refused food because I was overjoyed. But the following year same time same occasion I ate because  all I have to be bothered about was food .

For the majority of the children it is about the color of the sprinkles, pink, red, white, and one can see their eyes sparkles as we sprayed more sprinkles.

Valentine has been about  memories.

As a young girl growing up with many questions, I wrote so many love letters for my friends. What made it remarkable was  the memories. Both the good, the bad, and the ugly still lives with me. Everything I knew about the  missing cards was part of  the memories.  In those days  a girl spends all her money to buy, a card  just to  realize that the man she was dating has a wife who lives far away and had never told her . But please do not let that discourage you, for it is apart of life.

I could have gone to bed today without worrying about this special day,  but I should not have ignored it because I know so many of my readers and those I read that are so much into Valentine’s day.

To ignore this day is to ignore why we are here on earth. Love is what makes the world merrier.

Recently, I have been loved more than ever in my life. The people have shown me what love means. Their dedication, caring, and kindness has made it so hard for me to  disappear. I am not so good with emotion when it comes to  expressions of love .

But please from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that you do. You are an inspiration to me and others . Words cannot express what your kindness means to me. I wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day.


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