The Missing Piece

Suddenly reemerged
A forgotten Place
Eyes still watching,
Crushed with pity
Abode la seesaws
No one could really understand
The mood of these children
Confronts in fears even in their dreams
Worries encroaches
Their little spaces
There was no longer
A day without chaos
Dearest motherland
In yet another springs
I will remember your struggles
Clasped in my memory
Bookmarked for resurgences
A place of last and failing hopes
Filled with disillusion
Leaders look so disgruntled
A place where
Chaos has finally found a
Perfect residual
Where things are never what it seems
Humans are still laboring in vain
Where the gloating few reap other people’s labor
A place so exhausted with confusion
Greedily and grimy with
And disgruntled humans
With necks built in their own
Perfectly -built gears
A place that claimed to have everything
Knows it all, if not everything,
A place where pride takes over humanity
A place where memos, are tactfully concealed
Yet you can fetch it from afar
A place where I was born’
A place where little lads are rerouted
From place to place
Slaughtered in batches
By the powerful few
A place where their rulers should be
Sadly remembered, orchestrated
Leave them ashamed to even compete
In the face of the universe
When you have publicly failed your innocent ones
What else does your joy give us?
It left us worried
That we are
Fully doomed
A place so
Hopelessly forgotten

Where humanity fail to exist
A place I knew not
Too long ago
A placed that has failed countless
Including those that served religiously
Yet died like a
Rat in a forgotten sea pans.


A Month of Silent Words

Silent echoes
Touching bases
With your inner soul
A safe place to wait
Where the eyes will be dark with tears
A place so peaceful and dear in our hearts
A street with zero tolerance
I know who lived there
What you hear on the street
is different from what it sounds at home
At home your problems still underneath.
A place where mothers laid down their sorrows
A place of ” Unforgotten species”
A place that our life began

A Year To Remeber.

A year that you will cherish,

A year to remember

 Fly at no boundary

At no cost to you

May you live with an open mind?

A year to discover

What has been missing?

May your heart and all its working parts,

 Be where they are supposed to be

For it to be effective

Surrender your soul

To experience the autumn of love

Are you ready for a ride?

In an unknown destination

Are you ready for a journey?

 In a land full of brightness

Pack full of memories?

That you kept wondering where

Then usher in silence,

The mutterer, the murmuring, the jesters

Remember when you finally open your eyes

The journey that started a long time ago

Has continued to live in your dear heart

Surrounding you with the meadow of peace

A peace to remain in your bosom

Fostering hope in an unseen

The Street That Spoke The Truth

Where are all the new zones
I want to be in the street that lays out the rules
So that children will learn how to follow direction
A street that told the truth                                                 
The problem of telling the truth is that
At home you are taught about truth
You are lectured about telling the truth
At six, you are spanked for telling a lie
Inside the church, the bible tells you about honesty
Your mother is happy whenever you say the truth
But remember truth does not always bring you happiness
Truth outside your home brings you hardship
Truth must be twisted for it to gain momentum
You must live a lie to become what you are not
It helps you see that what you were told
May not really exist
But telling the truth is not wrong for us
If only you can hear the truth
You must know what you want before you can stand on the truth
Try to move to a land where you can hid in your true words
Little truth could have saved many more children
Complication would have left them
But I still wonder why the public knocks you down from saying the truth
I will go back and relearn what it means to be truthful
Truth will save us from hatred, from destruction, from liars
Mothers be ready to teach your little ones the truth even if it will cause
Them their joy

Loss In A Broken Furrow

Rolling the dyke

Wide arm so open

So real

Tangled mind

With no strings attached

Racing for the finish line

With heart still pumping

Think, where, when

What will happen to the children?

The jungle of a place

So unreal

So callous

What matter has no longer existed?

What is trending is so distorted.


What we are now is limited.

Real color becomes an art for condolence.

You cannot see what is real.

Separation of the heart from the soul

When will children have a break?

Over the sea the danger looms.

Distortion of imagery

Undelivered memos

Unkempt envoys

The eye services, the adversary,

The protractors,

The muddles, jumbles, and nimble

The ones you can no longer trust

Those that you can never see again

Those that made it a race

When and where can they  have a wondrous place

In amidst of it all

Pray for sanity, for peace, for love, for merciless peace

A time to sit down and raise your hand

A place to quietly wipe the tears

Because the trust is still up in the air

When you can feel, see, the loss of a golden furrow



What is beauty?
An invisible object
Beauty has no color.
Beauty is warm.
It speaks no evil.
I worry about what you think about beauty, my friend.
Beauty has no name, yet it comes alive at the nearness of it.
What does the world gain from beautiful people?
Are we having it through the real definition of beauty?
Beauty has soul.
While beautiful people scream at what they do not have
Beauty is reserved, quiet, calm,
How about our beautiful angels?
Beauty is not explosive.
What is beauty?
How can we let the children know that beauty is a traveler?
As a traveler you watch and see
Love and behold
Help and adjust
Beauty is not eye service that disappears
At lights out
Beauty is all the little things that make people want to come to you.
Beauty is passion; it is how you feel and how you create things around you.
Beauty transcends physical imperfections
It goes beyond Kosovo, Antigua, and antique.
It moves beyond what you and I see on daily TV shows.
It goes beyond human understanding.
Beauty has passion, love, and brains too.
Beauty is in our heart because it is here tonight.

Love To The Phillipines.

Love to the Philippine’s
A place running around in circles
A river stuck heavily in green grasses
An island with a fiery shaft
Open arms and stretch to the domino
Chastised greatly by just the unkind weather
Forever strong the people of the Philippines
Our heart goes out to you
Your suffering has no boundary
In your faces lied the unbearable foes
You will forever shine
Through adversity you will  conquer
Always with grace
Words can only imagine what you have been through
Sleeping near the lifeless of your beloved
Tears dried down in your forlorn
Human made sufferings that has no end in sight
The flight of those storms yet unknown, still unsettled
Unspoken hardship bestowed on innocent people
Yet, you remain true to who you are
Always reading the 7 guiding principles
Those are what set you apart from others
Even when all you have left is gone
Yet, your joy exceeds the darkness, the imaginary foes to the frivolously you
Even time, and time adversities has told us that human sufferings is inescapable
Yet, you know how to manage misfortune
And bury the hashes.
Our heart will forever be with you.
A heart-felt beyond unseen
 A word spoken, written in a broken isle.