Love To The Phillipines.

Love to the Philippine’s
A place running around in circles
A river stuck heavily in green grasses
An island with a fiery shaft
Open arms and stretch to the domino
Chastised greatly by just the unkind weather
Forever strong the people of the Philippines
Our heart goes out to you
Your suffering has no boundary
In your faces lied the unbearable foes
You will forever shine
Through adversity you will  conquer
Always with grace
Words can only imagine what you have been through
Sleeping near the lifeless of your beloved
Tears dried down in your forlorn
Human made sufferings that has no end in sight
The flight of those storms yet unknown, still unsettled
Unspoken hardship bestowed on innocent people
Yet, you remain true to who you are
Always reading the 7 guiding principles
Those are what set you apart from others
Even when all you have left is gone
Yet, your joy exceeds the darkness, the imaginary foes to the frivolously you
Even time, and time adversities has told us that human sufferings is inescapable
Yet, you know how to manage misfortune
And bury the hashes.
Our heart will forever be with you.
A heart-felt beyond unseen
 A word spoken, written in a broken isle.

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