The Meadow Of Peace

New year picture
A year that you will cherish,
A year to remember
 Fly at no boundary
At no cost to you
May you live with an open mind?
A year to discover
What has been missing?
May your heart and all its working parts,
 Be where they are supposed to be
For it to be effective
Surrender your soul
To experience the autumn of love
Are you ready for a ride?
In an unknown destination
Are you ready for a journey?
 In a land full of brightness
Pack full of memories?
That you kept wondering where
Then usher in silence,
The mutterer, the murmuring, the jesters
Remember when you finally open your eyes
The journey that started a long time ago
Has continued to live in your dear heart
Surrounding you with the meadow of peace
A peace to remain in your bosom
Fostering hope in an unseen

I welcome any comments

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