Suffering Is Inevitable :A Lesson From A Drought

Ever witnessed a drought?
Always part of a changing season
Unique dearth
Witness droughts
At 8 years old in Africa
In search of water
Instead strange dry lands surface.
Each movement brings more dry lands
Hope, despair, and uncertainties loom
The sky deeming so brightly at young faces
Shouting lights in the midst of it all.
To remind us that a drought is here
Little children, walking, looking very anxious
To see at least a drop
Still, they remain upbeat.
Moving from land to dry land
Looking to fetch water
Our stacks still empty
When every little water turns into mud
When we wait unwearyingly to
See the river blossoms
To know that nothing is Permanent
To draw those strengths
As kids was undeniably
Strength that has no measure.
Always see us through
Difficult and unstable times
The droughts are part of living
To remind us that nothing is permanent.
Be sustained with all your strengths
Be equipped with the youth of life
To enjoy the scorching sun
When there was no need to
To know how to handle misfortune
How to add humor to what would have been a serious situation
To know that we may end up not going home with a drop of water
Yet there is something unknown about those droughts
That come and go as they wish
That threatened the lives of little ones
That ended up causing them epidemics
That put sorrow to the whole community
Now the good tidings are here
As the season draws near
It is once more a time to be
Thankful for all that has been given to us.
The strengths we can draw from one another.
A time to be thankful for the rotational periods
A time to show  gratitude.



2 thoughts on “Suffering Is Inevitable :A Lesson From A Drought

  1. If one has never experienced true drought such as the people in foreign lands such as Africa or even here when the farmers are counting on water for their crops and animals…. then I don’t think we can really and truly understand but certainly can imagine what it must bring in the way of hardships…. Diane

    1. It does so bring a lot of hardships. It also prepare those children for what is a head in life. When nothing is handed down to anyone. You have to work hard for a place in life. Thank you for reading. I appreciate you.

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