IN The End, All You Have Is Home

A time most people wait for
A place so sacred in our hearts,
Unbar gained promises,
Predestined for onlookers,
Thou the castaways,
To go and be loved
Most people may never see or feel their homes
Where the quiet sounds, bird sounds, soothe the ear
To carry on after a long day.
Imagine the place gone?
The tidings, the place you ever longed for
Now it is no wonder you can’t be home
Home reminds us of peace, happiness,
At little mercies,
Even after all you have  left is gone
Home, second to none,
Makes us relevant again.
The whispers, the genders
Home remains an assurance
A championed miracle,
Promised by those,
Been silenced forever,
To imagine that
You will never set foot in your home is sad.
Unperturbed at it,
But when you have displaced someone
Whether, from unwanted flurry,
Unjust nature, human ignorance.
Remember that home should protect,
And not displace anyone.

3 thoughts on “IN The End, All You Have Is Home

    1. Diane, it is such a time again. I hope everyone find peace at their different homes. How are you doing?.
      We all need a peaceful home. to be loved ,and to behold.
      thanks again.

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