What is beauty?
An invisible object
Beauty has no color.
Beauty is warm.
It speaks no evil.
I worry about what you think about beauty, my friend.
Beauty has no name, yet it comes alive at the nearness of it.
What does the world gain from beautiful people?
Are we having it through the real definition of beauty?
Beauty has soul.
While beautiful people scream at what they do not have
Beauty is reserved, quiet, calm,
How about our beautiful angels?
Beauty is not explosive.
What is beauty?
How can we let the children know that beauty is a traveler?
As a traveler you watch and see
Love and behold
Help and adjust
Beauty is not eye service that disappears
At lights out
Beauty is all the little things that make people want to come to you.
Beauty is passion; it is how you feel and how you create things around you.
Beauty transcends physical imperfections
It goes beyond Kosovo, Antigua, and antique.
It moves beyond what you and I see on daily TV shows.
It goes beyond human understanding.
Beauty has passion, love, and brains too.
Beauty is in our heart because it is here tonight.

I welcome any comments

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