The Missing Piece

Suddenly reemerged
A forgotten Place
Eyes still watching,
Crushed with pity
Abode la seesaws
No one could really understand
The mood of these children
Confronts in fears even in their dreams
Worries encroaches
Their little spaces
There was no longer
A day without chaos
Dearest motherland
In yet another springs
I will remember your struggles
Clasped in my memory
Bookmarked for resurgences
A place of last and failing hopes
Filled with disillusion
Leaders look so disgruntled
A place where
Chaos has finally found a
Perfect residual
Where things are never what it seems
Humans are still laboring in vain
Where the gloating few reap other people’s labor
A place so exhausted with confusion
Greedily and grimy with
And disgruntled humans
With necks built in their own
Perfectly -built gears
A place that claimed to have everything
Knows it all, if not everything,
A place where pride takes over humanity
A place where memos, are tactfully concealed
Yet you can fetch it from afar
A place where I was born’
A place where little lads are rerouted
From place to place
Slaughtered in batches
By the powerful few
A place where their rulers should be
Sadly remembered, orchestrated
Leave them ashamed to even compete
In the face of the universe
When you have publicly failed your innocent ones
What else does your joy give us?
It left us worried
That we are
Fully doomed
A place so
Hopelessly forgotten

Where humanity fail to exist
A place I knew not
Too long ago
A placed that has failed countless
Including those that served religiously
Yet died like a
Rat in a forgotten sea pans.



Why Poetry Should Not Scare Anyone

This is our National Poetry month. There are many reasons why poetry should not scare anyone. Poetry is full of silent words. Poetry is all about the metaphors, analogies, similes, illusions, disillusions, confusions, contradictions, the big, and all the silent words that we cannot spell out most of the times, especially when one has had enough. Or, you can say that poetry is a bunch of words put together. Whether it was through our music like Rod Stewart Have You Ever Seen The Rain, Phil Collins I wish It Will Rain Now, Me And you in paradise ,  Rumi, Kahlil Gibran, or even Billy Joel when he was ranting about lunatics or The Piano Man, or even when anyone was sharing their moral values. Poetry can also be emotions spilled on a river on cold winter days (that is a metaphor, too). Please  make no mistake about poetry, no one  can save the world if they  don`t have a combination of everything which includes but is not  limited to , sadness, empathy,  anger, isolation, bystander,  humanity, sufferings, illusion, confusion, Hate for injustice, poverty,  Bible, arts, love for children, culture, series of disappointments, honesty, integrity, and most especially conscience. You give what you have and you do not give what you do not have.

For most of us, poetry came before children were born but may be a new thing for you. But for people that have lived their lives in isolation, poetry is a way of life. I have been asked over and over how I made it out of Africa,” and my answer was a combination of everything including calling out on nature, especially rain”. There is something powerful about nature, especially if you grew up in Africa where good things do not just happen, they happen by chance. Nature was there for us to experience and make our own observations and judgment. The things of nature are cheap, they do not cost a dime, and you got to feel them and make your own deductions.

From gift of poetry, I learned that there are only two ways to succeed in life. One is to recognize that no one is prone to suffering,even writing a blog here on  internet has not  spared any of us. Secondly, as a poet, you totally get it that all the goods the world has to offer was originally designed to suite all mankind, yet man made problems, and the obstacles surrounding us can also overshadow its goodness, too.

From sufferings, I totally understand that there are no two ways to be successful in life than to know that life is full of obstacles, and dangers; I do not care how  happy you want to be at all times.

Poetry can speak to us through other poets, from understanding other poets before us; one can equally see that there are two things we were given as gifts. One of them was the strengths and abilities of overcoming obstacles.  Martin Buber was also a great observer and poet who never let fear stop him. In the article

“The Walls Of Distrust and The age of Mistrust,” he was quoted as saying

“he said we had come to a stage where the individual life had been completely gobbled up by politics and that political life now represents a world without any exits and without entry”.

But looking at what is happening today in the world one cannot help but lament. I wrote about the children of Africa, which has become my work that speaks to me. A place where corruption was played over and over. If everyone joins the corrupt wagon, who is going to speak on behalf of the little ones. We cannot all have a wonderful life, someone somewhere can be in a position to use his or her wisdom to lead. Do not allow yourself to be carried by all the things you see that does not make sense. But ask questions at all-time and at any given time. He also talked about a lot of issues befitting humans. But those types of issues were not only relegated to that era but have continued to take us over. Obstacles are part of human endeavors, so we need courage and resiliency to be able to accomplish all that is thrown at us.

There is also the emotional resilience that poetry brings if you listen to the right music or read the right books. Then with knowledge built over the years, you can then build your strength of resilience; therefore, whatever anyone thinks may become assumptions not necessarily how it really was. We were also given the abilities to nurture them for a good fight. But you can never waste your energy fighting a losing war.

Poetry has a way of pulling emotions from the beginning. For example, some children will learn how to express their discomfort early and some may not really have the same opportunity to. Most children can live their lives not knowing where their anger was coming from and where to vent their angers or even where to channel their energies. Knowing exactly what can hinder children from exceeding high, how can we help these children to gain their optimum heights now that we know that there are high hills on the road? It is no more about the education like we have all agreed on, but there was much more to it.

People use prayer as poetry all the time. Some prayers  in  form of Poetry, can serve as a relieve too.

In reality, most introverts can also use poetry to cover their own deficit, reading and expressing their selves can also help them to cure boredom that often plagues them. Poetry can also be a way for people to understand their strengths and limits.


Poetry is a therapy and can be played out on the street. Recently, we saw a guitar man in front of a gas station singing his heart out. I really got what he was doing, but my children did not get it. He was so emotional that his words turned into rap. I was so moved and wished that other children could learn how to express themselves with music instead of engaging in a war. Whether from their parents, society, environment, lack of leadership, and discouragement from all sources. There are series of them; this was also based on what I know to be truthful and facts.

In conclusion, this is just an opinion. It may or may not be truthful. The last thing you will do is to tell people how powerful you are. They will find a way to get you one way or the other. I have noticed and my message is very simple and clear.  But here is the thing that sets poetry apart from everything. You got to feel the rain. Why because it is nature. And it soothes all souls. With poetry you can ask as many questions as you can. Questions like, what will happen if all children can write their own feelings in a piece of paper? What will happen if all poets know how well or how bad internet can be to their creativity? How can we live in peace without so much confusion? How can we get along without dragging on issues that has helped to divide us? Think about ways you can be that exceptional being.

     Rod Stewart v

Phil Collins

Thank you so much and Continue to love no matter how difficult or pain it will cost you.. May you continue to shine above all obstacles?



A Bystander

 Looking desperately
Focus your eyes on the things  never seen
Pretend to live in a coma
Die before the intruder
Eye close
Prayer looms
Wandering, and excited
That no one knew where I was
What I stood for
My believe
Luckily my heart
The more you see,
The less you  know
Living in a pocket
Live your life
As a bystander

A Month of Silent Words

Silent echoes
Touching bases
With your inner soul
A safe place to wait
Where the eyes will be dark with tears
A place so peaceful and dear in our hearts
A street with zero tolerance
I know who lived there
What you hear on the street
is different from what it sounds at home
At home your problems still underneath.
A place where mothers laid down their sorrows
A place of ” Unforgotten species”
A place that our life began

A Year To Remeber.

A year that you will cherish,

A year to remember

 Fly at no boundary

At no cost to you

May you live with an open mind?

A year to discover

What has been missing?

May your heart and all its working parts,

 Be where they are supposed to be

For it to be effective

Surrender your soul

To experience the autumn of love

Are you ready for a ride?

In an unknown destination

Are you ready for a journey?

 In a land full of brightness

Pack full of memories?

That you kept wondering where

Then usher in silence,

The mutterer, the murmuring, the jesters

Remember when you finally open your eyes

The journey that started a long time ago

Has continued to live in your dear heart

Surrounding you with the meadow of peace

A peace to remain in your bosom

Fostering hope in an unseen

Assembly Of Peace.

To all my friends in the world
Assembly of peace
Rain down from atom
State of mind
Open for direction
Accustomed to this
In my wiggly mind
This is not a time to sabotage my chances anymore
Thank you all for your kindness,
Your humanity
Your love, and affections,
Your wisdom to discern what is truthful,
 I couldn’t do it without all of you
I know that the world is better than what we knew of it
The best part is the unknown………
The unknown is here again,
Things you know may not matter after all
It is simpler when we understand how it works
 I couldn`t have done it alone even if I try
I have tried and have failed twenty times
I ended up with frustrations because no one knew how much work I was putting in
I have tried and failed many times too before
 Always looking for a lift that felt totally distanced by my own actions,
Words and things that never make sense, but to my own world
 This is my time to tell you that I have risen to the challenges
And will be forever free.
I am now free from distress, a personal guilt, and procrastination.
The forlorn need to hide from the universe
Turn between things that were hard to define
Do it my own,
And my highest ways
 Redirecting, wishful thinking, doubts, durations, and timeless
 You have found another soul
That is still a working progress
Thank you heavily
Waiting to be used
 I say rejoice for the peace is here today

Nature Will Listen

In a quiet, snooze water
In ocean front
Sizzled in calmness
Where the water speaks
Nothing left here to see
The sound from the waives
The little time spent on a quiet place
A refreshing feelings supported by nature,
The echoes
The joy that will not go unnoticed
Calling all the moon,
All the natural sounds
To come and soothes away the worry

Loss In A Broken Furrow

Rolling the dyke

Wide arm so open

So real

Tangled mind

With no strings attached

Racing for the finish line

With heart still pumping

Think, where, when

What will happen to the children?

The jungle of a place

So unreal

So callous

What matter has no longer existed?

What is trending is so distorted.


What we are now is limited.

Real color becomes an art for condolence.

You cannot see what is real.

Separation of the heart from the soul

When will children have a break?

Over the sea the danger looms.

Distortion of imagery

Undelivered memos

Unkempt envoys

The eye services, the adversary,

The protractors,

The muddles, jumbles, and nimble

The ones you can no longer trust

Those that you can never see again

Those that made it a race

When and where can they  have a wondrous place

In amidst of it all

Pray for sanity, for peace, for love, for merciless peace

A time to sit down and raise your hand

A place to quietly wipe the tears

Because the trust is still up in the air

When you can feel, see, the loss of a golden furrow


Relating To A Cause: How I learned The Full Meaning Of CHristmas.

Today I read an article from Hbr,the article to Find Happiness forget About passion

The article gave insight on ways young leaders can find their true passion, According to the article there are lots of big problems to go by; the article listed some of the challenges facing the world today, but ended up saying, If you’re a young leader and you haven’t articulated this yet, here are some things you can do.

In the hbr article, one of the ways is to Look into problems that affect you in a very personal way.

 There is joy attach to the traditional Christmas celebration.Some families have kept same tradition for years. whether it is a family baking cookies  or special cooking, family tradition is something  people can relate to. But for some, they may have experienced it differently.  I was looking at the article and could relate to one personal problem that affected me personally and can lead to my championing such a cause.  

I love it when I read about family traditions. However, Christmas was never a happy time for us  growing up,  for some reason we were totally displaced growing up. I wrote about home recently.  I wish people would read to understand what displacement does to children. Displacement, whether from moving, war, unexpected turn of events, can be harmful to a growing child.

One of my friends’ and a fellow blogger wrote about Christmas recently, Diane wrote Let me begin by saying I do love the Christmas season with all of it`s meanings .

Unlike Diane who had enjoyed a particular family tradition on  every Christmas:  for me, Christmas growing up was a nightmare. As I get older too I find it difficult to relate to it .When I think about home, I became so afraid especially during this time of the year. During this time in Africa, there is no water. Apart from that, it is also cold, and it never felt good especially if you have no mother. I always felt the need to run away from it all especially when you live in a step family home that do not know how to work together.

Recently I spent hours speaking to my sister who will never visit home especially now that our father had passed away. I felt really sad for her and her children. I wish she is here where anyone can blend in.  I am interested in such a cause because I know firsthand what a disorganized home can do to a child.

Another day another displaced person. Two weeks ago, I met a girl down here in my state; she had left her home state of Ohio . She was running away from what she had known all her life, moving from home to home. Two weeks before Christmas, she and her daughter were displaced again bringing back such a horrible memory. I spent weeks driving them everywhere, making sure that they never felt miserable in a strange land. The girl remembered her initial problems and we both could relate to that. But unlike me, she channeled all her anger to people especially her family members. But I was so lucky because I had wonderful uncles who were really cordial and played fatherly roles to us. The reality is that when tragedy happens,you may find wonderful family members who will love you as their own children; they will give you the same training they would give to their own children.

 Not having a stable home does affect children. I believe all problems come from homes. I also realized that due to cultural differences, this project will not mean so much because people are different, and cultural guidelines are different.   From what Jonah said, her family members fought over benefits instead of doing what was right for him and his brothers. In Africa, divorce and death do not make a difference on how children were trained.  But what happens when money is involved? Unfortunately money and greed changes everything and children are left heart-broken.

 Child displacement is a huge thing; it is the epitome of all children’s problem. It is more obvious during important holidays such as Christmas.

 I would not want to have a project that will serve only Africans, or African-Americans or Caucasian or Latino groups, but I would rather choose a random topic that wills impacts all children globally.

 I know that there are millions of children displaced all over the world, According to United Nations, Around the globe, an estimated 11.2 million to 13.7 million children have been internally displaced as a result of armed conflict. Forced displacement uproots children and youths at a time when their lives most need stability.

For me Christmas never gave me joy, while I was still living in Africa as I always felt like a castaway thinking the problems were never going to end. Now my other sisters could not go home because step brothers and sisters do not work well in Africa as it works in other cultures.


I cannot say that I have a particular family tradition that I still remember. I know why we celebrate Christmas. Christmas should not bring sadness to any child. Cry if it`s worth crying for.  I learned the true meaning of Christmas by seeing how generosity became a passion. I learned by visiting charities and having secret Santas for my own children. I have learned about the full meaning of Christmas.

1 Christmas is not about sweating about all the little things . It is about the little children as I have watched them in their little events.

 2 It was not even about the gift, but how everyone will go out of their ways to wrap a gift to a child that they do not have to. By doing that, they made children, their families feel very good. I also noticed that people gave with all their hearts, and did not show everybody that they are helping the next person unlike where I came from where people will announce their gift before one even get it. In Africa, some rich people will take advantage of these young little girls in exchange of a gift which was even not the true meaning of Christmas.

 3 I learn that Christmas is living like Christ, making a home safe for all children unlike how  I  felt growing up.  When I began to write, I knew I would be into charity works. I would love to go into charity works. Nobody had benefited in this country, more than myself. I have gotten free education, free gift, other things probably I should not have.

 My charity will focus on children especially the young adult.  I will rather see a child develop his or her own identity, create a learning environment that will guide him or her  properly, but I will also like to look into those kids that are having a hard time in their homes; displacement.

 But my strength is using what I know that works to help a child figure out  ways  to help him or herself,than getting stuck with a system that does not really position children to be self-independent.

I think giving out yearly toys to children, whether those kids are rich or poor will be an ideal project knowing how those gifts changed the dynamics of our home. Those Christmas gifts have become part of my own family tradition, and brought happiness to our children.  Not that they depend on it, but it has become part of a family tradition that will change as they grow older. This state has  opened my eyes to the ways I saw charity. There are good and wonderful people who help children, families and military families in other lands.

In the end, home plate for the holidays. There will be no Christmas without charity. However, this is a cause that has bothered me and other children but I will focus on  long-term goal while charity and giving gift will be an ideal project. Home should accommodate and not displace. I have always make it about others but I will focus on  giving gifts to children more. I have  always known as a child that Christmas is not all about all the things that I knew then as a child. I think everyone has an obligation to make the next person`s life worth living. As an emotional writer, I write about what I am passionate about. I also write about what scares me for other people. I do not write about what makes me strong unfortunately.

What kind of family tradition do you have? what  do you think that children need most during this season?