The Street That Spoke The Truth

Where are all the new zones
I want to be in the street that lays out the rules
So that children will learn how to follow direction
A street that told the truth                                                 
The problem of telling the truth is that
At home you are taught about truth
You are lectured about telling the truth
At six, you are spanked for telling a lie
Inside the church, the bible tells you about honesty
Your mother is happy whenever you say the truth
But remember truth does not always bring you happiness
Truth outside your home brings you hardship
Truth must be twisted for it to gain momentum
You must live a lie to become what you are not
It helps you see that what you were told
May not really exist
But telling the truth is not wrong for us
If only you can hear the truth
You must know what you want before you can stand on the truth
Try to move to a land where you can hid in your true words
Little truth could have saved many more children
Complication would have left them
But I still wonder why the public knocks you down from saying the truth
I will go back and relearn what it means to be truthful
Truth will save us from hatred, from destruction, from liars
Mothers be ready to teach your little ones the truth even if it will cause
Them their joy

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