You Can Give Yourself A Gift of Patience

To have patience or not is still an art that has to be mastered. Patience is  what we exhibit in our daily life wherever we are. It takes a lot to be patient whether we understand how it works or not to achieve greatness. One of the early lessons  I learned from reading the voyages of discovery was seeing how tough and impatient some of the early discoveries were. Some ran out of patience before they could make it to their next point of destination, while others like Christopher Columbus waited patiently until he helped to discover America. Part of life is to exhibit patience in everything that we do.

Messages of patience is nothing new; even Isaac Newton said it, “If I have ever made any valuable discoveries , it has been owing more to  patient attention, than to any other talents.”

Patience is  a gift that not everyone possesses. Even people that are gifted naturally often lose it if there is too much pressure coming from the realm.

One of the things I have learned along the way is that the ways in which people process information is different. People work according to their own pace. As patient as anything else, writing is soothing  if it comes naturally too.

One of my best wishes in life is patience. Just like patience, writing comes from the heart; it does not come because someone is teaching  you how to write; if not, I am sure everyone would have  been an outstanding writer. Writing comes with impulse. You can also write what you have experienced in your life. You can equally help people to write their own books too if you so desire. So please take your time, let go of any kind of pressure, and release the impulse.

Patience I found out is hard to come by now. In the world today, we want everything so soon that it conflicts with our daily interactions. We even want it so bad that it conflicts with our moral values. Impatience happens  also when we  run around for the wrong reasons. It is possible too when we follow what is trending and not as one sees it. For me, the only thing that drives me to the parts unknown is my inability to understand all the mind boggling with technology. I will accept that it has made me to look for help. My biggest pride if you know me is my ability to have patience. There is no way an impatient person will continue to learn what he or she is struggling with; most times, people do not have time to wait.

Talking about patience, if you have not told a child  to stop seven times; evidently too you may not make sense of what it takes to be patient with children; if you doubt that too “why do some babysitters eventually wind up in jail?. Not because they  do not have the type of patience you and I have, but patience has a lot to do with impulses. Dictionary defines it as an impelling force. A sudden wish or urge that prompts an unpremeditated act or feeling.

Talking about impatience, a friend of ours left his practice to go and teach a lecture on the topic  of patience to some college students. What drove him to do that became a puzzle not until everyone knew that he was going to jail the next day.

By going to jail, that means he will leave his practice for a while. As a doctor his duty is to protect lives, but on this day, he  ran out of  patience and accidentally hurt a passerby. He was speeding; he knew that he could have slowed down but wasn`t thinking until the accident happened. According to him, he would do anything to take that day back. He thought that the pain of going to jail especially when one has not condition him or herself  to the jail environment can become very unsettling.

I met a young girl recently who told me that she was so impatient with her mother that she decided to move out of her home. While on her own she found out that she will need extra money to pay her rent. From paying her rent, she dropped out of school. Yet she has not finished. Like she said Nov 9th would have being 6 years she dropped out of school. To her, the problem has just begun. She wished she could have waited to complete her studies. Life is a roller coaster if you believe in it. I said, “How can you get your life back? What will it take you to change your life?”

Effects of Impatience

  1. When we are impatient, it changes how we process information. I do not know about you, but whenever I become anxious or impatient, it affects the ways I think. Sometimes I have learned to shut down my own computer and take a long walk or fall asleep.
  2. When we are impatient, it keeps us moving in a fast direction. For example, you will be doing everything, yet you are not achieving anything.
  3. When we are impatient, it makes things harder than they seem. For example, children are becoming so impatient with their parents that they are moving in with their friends. Impatience creates anxiety that normally will not be there. Impatience gives us an unplanned schedule that we will later regret

1 Impacts of Patience

2 But with patience, we can weigh-in other options and choose from the best.

3 With patience, we can learn new things and see how it goes.

4 With patience we may find mistakes along the way, especially in our relationships.

5 With patience we can finish our classes and wait for a better job. I encourage you to be patient in all the things you do.  Without patience, one may go the wrong way at the wrong time,

Let the world be at peace now; the only place we will only know. Let us  create words that keep us at peace and not at war, a place where no human can falter. But a world where every soul will flourish, may you inspire someone today. May your voices create peace in the universe.


A Writers Role According To Achebe

A Writers Role especially African`s writers according to Achebe

Things Fall Apart ...we are acknowledging writers who have paved the way for Africans  literature.

things fall apart

In celebrating African-American month, one cannot read our history or understand our fights without looking at it through the eyes of some of our revolutionaries and authors. The role of a writer should not be underestimated. This writer`s role plays many function in educating about the responsibility of attaching human values through his or her work. The job of a novelist is to help people see dangers that normally would not have been brought to people’s attention. The ability for an African writer to see, feel, hear, and still maintain a peaceful composure should  be admired by all people.

Writing is a testimony as ‘Things Fall Apart’ taught us; if you did not document your work, and get credit for it, it never happened. The power of words cannot be ignored as poetry has become a bridge to the people’s hearts. The words in Achebe`s poetry have a way of connecting with the people as his other works showed .And as Rita Dove rightly said, “Every town needs it poet”.

Achebe was born in the Village of Ogidi, a few miles from Onitsha in Nigeria. He became one of the first students to graduate from the University College Ibadan in 1953. Like many authors, Achebe was to study medicine but was attracted to the liberal arts which lead him to read English literature. As a visionary, he did so many good things that helped put him in a right path to success. His upbringing helped him; as he credited his early success to his Ibo community with a great leadership role. He benefited from the love and caring people in his community.

His novel became a story with a universal appeal. According to Steven H. Gale, part of the value and appeal of this novel laid in Achebe detailing the everyday life of the nine villages in Nigeria, and   Umofia in particular, in what would become the nation of Nigeria, in the days immediately before the coming of the white man (Gale).

Talking about learning:Things Fall Apart’ exposes the danger, fear, and the resistance that civilization brought to the people of Nigeria. The novel focused its roots on the conflicts and tensions within the Ibo society; as well as, changes that were introduced by colonial rule and Christianity. Achebe had fun as he was narrating the resistance that followed it.

As a learner, you can learn from others that life is not really what it seems. In Things Fall Apart, the main star of the story Okonkwo became a major character that brought honor to his community. He became a renowned macho man yet, his life according to the narrator was dominated by his “fear of failure and of weaknesses”. The book maintained its dignity yet was able to narrate a life of difficulties, pain, and sorrow that people went through.

Throughout the novel, Achebe played different roles but the most obvious role was his role,

as a teacher. Achebe believes that the role of a novelist is to teach. In his own word

, “the writer cannot be excused from the task of re-educating and re-generation that must be done. In fact he should march right in front. For he is after all – as Ezekiel Mphahele says in his African Image-the sensitive point in his community “. (Gale 74)

Through this book, readers understood what it means to live in fear. From reading, they saw that change was hard but it can also be a good thing if one gives it a chance.

Adding values, Achebe spoke widely on what he considers to be the role of a writer and in particular, the responsibilities of an African writer.

“I believe that the writer should be concerned with the question of human values” As a novelist, Achebe attempts to educate his readers, to expose them to “human values” (Gale)

As a re-teller :One of the important aspects of Achebe`s book was the retelling of the story so that the younger generation could still see it as it was in those days.

Life in Nigeria would have been different if not for the important lesson everyone learned from ‘Things Fall Apart.’ The book brought him fame, favor, and admiration from all over the world that he would not have had otherwise. The book reiterated the importance of embracing change, especially the ones we could not change.

Through his book, most people realize that spoken words are different from writing. Most importantly,before’Things Fall Apart’, things were already complicated in Nigeria. For Achebe to have been so creative with that title within that period of turmoil portrayed everything. It meant so much to see how things began to unravel.

Another role he bestowed on African writers is to educate. Every growing child needs good educators. They need good role models to help and guide them. But the task of educating his fellow Africans is a great challenge too as he later found out.

According to him,

 “It is inconceivable to me that a serious writer could stand aside from this debate or to be indifferent to this argument which calls his full humanity in question. For me, at any rate there is clear duty to make a statement. This is my answer to those who say that a writer should be writing about contemporary issues- about politics in 1964 , about city life, about the last coup d’état. Of course, these are all legitimate themes for the writer but as far as I am concerned the fundamental theme must first be disposed of. This theme, put quite simply, is that African people did not hear of culture for their first time from Europeans; that their societies were not mindless but frequently had a philosophy of great depth and value and beauty, that they had poetry and, above all, they had dignity. It is this dignity that many African people all but lost during the colonial period, and it is this that they must now regain. The worst thing that can happen to any people is the loss of their dignity and self-respect. The writer’s duty is to help them regain it by showing them in human terms what happened to them, what they lost….” (Gale 75)

But in all circumstances a writer should never lose his credibility and integrity.

Another role expected from African writers  is to maintain integrity. As a  writer, it is easy to get caught up with what people want to hear. By doing so, one can mix up wrong facts and ideas which can also take a writer a way from honesty that writing requires.  To Achebe,  African writer has a role of maintaining integrity and trustworthy which is seen in the writing.

In Achebe`s world,

“The question is how does a writer re-create this past? Quite clearly there is a strong temptation to select only those facts that will flatter him. If he succumbs he will have branded himself as an untrustworthy witness. But it is not only his personal integrity as an artist which is involved. The credibility of the world he is attempting to recreate will be called to question and he will defeat his own purpose. If he is suspected of glossing over inconvenient facts. We cannot pretend that our past was long, Technicolor idyll. We have to admit that like other people`s past ours had its good as well as-its bad sides”. (Gale77)

My second blog was titled Our Lives As Readers. It was based on the things I read as a child in Africa. For those of you who read the blog that is where it all began; it brought back memories that a good book is supposed to. My own pains introduced me to literature early on in life. Probably poetry opened the door for me.

In life, one cannot be a profound leader if one does not read books. In other words, how can you retell a story if you have not read one yourself? Or how can you write one if you do not read books yourself? One of the most important things anyone can do for children is to introduce them to books early on . It is so easy to get caught up in what is trending, things that those children may not need anyway. Without our leaders we will have no future and our duty now is to continue to aspire higher, and never settle from things that will not help us.

It is with great honor to look at all the role models : Alice walker, W.E. B Du Bois, Maya Angelou , Anne Moody, Frederick Douglass, Langston Hughes and so many other  writers  that I could not name . We thank them for establishing the way for all of us. We have come to embrace them especially during this black history month.

The great Chinua Achebe was the man who gave Africa a voice

By Ellah  Wakatama Allfrey

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The Gifted:Working Poor And The Internet

Just For the voiceless.
I hope I miss technology in general
The internet in  particular.
I hope you miss me when I decide I have had enough
Recent events have pushed us further
You will no longer rely on  your strengths alone  any longer
You must have a heart
You must run as fast as you can
You must persevere
There is no place for a poor man anymore
Poverty has never been about stigma
Poverty should not make you hide
Regardless of how lazy anyone thinks you are.
Especially if you have done all that is required of you
All that has been asked of you
Intimidation of any sort should not find you
It is depressing if you ask me
There is no need to start a war
There is no war to start
But something is unbelievably strange here
You can feel it
It is very imposing
You can scream all you want
And no one will hear you
They will not understand you either
Even if they want to
I am so sure no one knows how this place works
I am beggining to think so
There is no reason for them to
After all, the internet holds the key to salvation
It`s the beginning and the end of all interactions,
so they say.
This is where all the money lives
Yet you can hardly see it rolling.
There is more than a force here
Pray for those who will be coming after us
Ask for favor
I have been here before
Nothing has been as consuming as this
This is not about creating attention
An unnecessary one if you care.
But something is not right here
Writing is about creativity
It is not forceful
Sometimes it is not shareable
It works like magic
It is not about profit if you ask anyone
But recent events have made it so, it seems.
Cry if it`s worth crying for
Persevere because you have a long way to go
A long, really long way……..
Unfortunately longer than necessary.
You can read this piece to understand more.

Undaunted Piece.

Love should not be complicated.
It`s what you see down the road.
Should we have told the truth to save others? 
A piece of work so startling for anyone to take it seriously.
Little ones roaming around looking aimlessly at something that never was.
Little truth should have cleared this myth. 
Why we castigate others and promote others
Speaks passionately about others then cannot stand the others.
How do you know that love actually happened?
How do you know when they cannot fake it?
Who is marrying on love?
Why do we fixate on this thing call love? 
Is happiness actually as a result of it? 
Love comes to us like fresh air.
Cool us when it flashes.
Gives us flares when it has heated up.
Left us cold when  it has fizzled out.
Misrepresents our feelings when  we could not handle it anymore.
Put us all up in the moment.
Who is deceiving who now?
Similar echo viewed before. 
Love is strange so much to learn.
Love is conquering so loud and clear
Love is confronting so much 
To share.

Gratitude From Heart

There is often the need to make people understand that writing poetry, or any kind of book, is a hard place for anyone to be in. Poetry creates tension in most writings, but the writer knows the boundary. Some creations require tension, especially when you are very philosophical or writing about love and hate relationships. But oftentimes the general public assumes it has a negative connotation to it. Poetry also takes a lot of energy that normally other works of art may not require.

Also the need to produce a wonderful job also creates conflict in writing. But  haven’t said that. I have not lost sight that a lot of people are rooting for me to succeed. I have also not lost sight that I need to get on board and start doing a good job in creating awareness about children.  I can see that love in abundance.  I am so happy to be in this position that I find myself.

Thank you for all the wonderful people around me. I appreciate all the kind advice that all of you have been giving me. I have often gone back and fixed things based on people’s recommendations.  I have often cried also explaining whenever I was passionate about something. Thanks for reading too. Thank you Word Press bloggers because I now understand that without you bloggers, I have no statistics. I am grateful and have realized that.

I am compelled enough to stick around for those of you who have been following my work and those that I have discovered before and recently. Thank you so much. Recently l was looking at my work, and I said to myself, “Why do people like reading from you? Why have I brought in a lot of new internet readers? Why have I done well with the people of the world generally? Why do I get new followers every day, yet I am not getting out any communication?”

On second thought, I know that I need to change something: “What is it that I have to improve on?” I ask. Then my frustration comes from the fact that I cannot say anything without getting backlash for it. I can count about 4 different scenarios, but I choose not to.

Because I am not a conflict master, my background is in sociology, and I know a lot about stigmas, biases, stereotypes, assumptions, and others, so I choose to let it go. Then why do I not have a lot of comments that will prove to people what I have been saying all along? Even one of my readers suggested I should write about  a person. “How?” I asked.

Letting You Into My World

1 I am a happy person. I want everyone to know that, but I am also an introvert. I have a background in sociology, literature, philosophy; that is how I deal with reality. I would like to build my blog around people that care about my work. I like to handle rejection in the best possible way I can (Introverts are good at building walls around themselves and then turn around and think everyone is against them.) I am working on it. I also do not write for approval, for which most of you really understand. I am a humanitarian too and not a licensed counselor, but I can speak life to a child. I see things from a humanitarian’s side of things, and I am very philosophical, and I write poetry too.

2 Recently there has been a conflict among writing a book, blogging, and taking care of 4 children this summer. I would like to go on with my schedule as soon as summer is over. I will share some details as soon as my books are in the works.

3 Recently, my biggest frustration came from the fact that my blog was now pointing to my new blog, which is still being renovated. Everyone was directed to that blog, yet I cannot get it to the standard that I want it to be. When I started that blog, I wanted to move it based on the noise of the blogging world that oftentimes became too much for me to handle. But when I moved over there, I did not know how to run anything. I even tried for three weeks to get that blog in progress, and nothing was working for me. I became a little frustrated because I did not know how to manage a lot of things but write. I was ready to build this blog from scratch like I did with my other blog. But I also realize that I will need this community to grow too.

Three Things I Have To Do

1 I hate to blame people for my own inefficiencies, so therefore I fully take responsibility for everything that has gone wrong here.

2 Secondly, because I am working with no income, it is hard for me to hire anyone to help me put this place in order. For the past 4 months, I have virtually done everything except all the editing by myself, which is a little strange.

3 If I knew I could not publish a book, I would not even talk about it. But now that my book is in progress, I would like all the support that I will need.

Finally, I have decided to make this blog here my home base even though this blog is pointed to the other blog. I have had some of my readers complain that the theme I chose in the other blog is too technical for them to read; therefore, if anybody knows what to do, let me know.

Finally, enough  of my problems. I promise to give out my final plan very soon. No more complaining and move on. I need help in answering all these questions.

What can I do differently and why?

I have spent 4 months writing, and people have enjoyed my work, but I want to grow this place and move on. I thank  all of you that have shown concern and ways for me to improve.Thanks for all the direct emails I got , direct quotes, and encouragements. I feel like I have finally found the help I desperately need. I promised to put in my best efforts here . and If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I will continue to throw in questions here until we can answer them. I need your help. Thank you.

In case you missed  this, here it is: Five Things We Love About Poetry

Creating Identity: Why I Love Taylor Swift

New taylor swift
Photo Credit
Visible to Public

I wrote in my last blog that I cannot take no for an answer,  especially when I am defending Taylor Swift.  I also mentioned in my blog our lives as readers. In it, I mentioned what really attracted me to the English language back when I was still in Africa was its simplicity. I was able to learn the language on my own, grasp it as much as I could.

Guess who helped me after my migration here to really understand simplicity more? It was Taylor Swift.

After years and years of struggling with doing just simple things, I realized how necessary it really was. If you have not been in my world, you may not understand what I am talking about. But one good reason for knowing both worlds, according to an author and a poet, if nothing but for comparison said by Wistawa  Syzmborska.

In this day and age when we all talk about boots, shoes, and spaceships, here is Taylor Swift, an American Eagle, “American pie,“ who knows that to be a writer, a lover, and a communicator at the same time could be lethal. It is one gift that supersedes all gifts. I often wonder what it means to write, sing, and talk at the same time.  Looking from her perspective, amazing things can happen when someone creates an Identity.

Talking about Identity, I have watched Taylor closely for seven years; I was there when she moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2003. She wrote her first song, “Our Song, “in 2005 at Hendersonville High School. Then in 2006 she released her first album, Taylor Swift. Yet again, in 2007 she wins CMT’s Breakthrough Video of the Year Award. And the list continues to grow and grow.

Yet to me, she is one of the many artists that refuses to acquiesce to the pressures which accompanies fame. She has never gotten drunk or gets in trouble. She still talks like all of us. She is always baffled whenever she wins any kind of award. She still lives in Nashville and still has a squeaky image, regardless how many boyfriends she has had.

But Jen Hobby, an Atlanta DJ from the Bert Show called her “never grownup Taylor” on Showbiz Tonight about 4 months ago. Well you are wrong, Jen! I do not think that growing up is in Taylor s vocabulary, probably because she does not live up to anyone’s expectations “whatever grown up means.” She has never claimed to be the next big thing or try to be who she is not.

Creating identity, Taylor understands that America runs on simplicity. As a singer and a song writer, she sings about heartache in a much neutralized form. It is almost like she takes the bullet for all of us, and she sings about it, and we all clap. Then she gets a bad rap for her kiss and tell.

In addition to that, she hates big-terminology words that are hard to understand. To tell you how simple she is, even my 5-year-old can sing her song; I mean—virtually—all her songs. She hates clogging, too, from her clothes, to her hair, to her shoes, she is always simple.

I remember when I first came here from Africa, “I was shocked to see how simple everything was here, compared to my country.  My first essay as an ESL student was so clogged up that it took my professor three hours to unclog just one essay.  It equally took me a whole year to work on just a simple essay, yet I still struggle with writing without wording. I naturally enjoy big words, but I found out that the bigger the words, the more frustrating it becomes in my newest country that I will forever love. I give Taylor credit because I have repeatedly written down her songs many times to see what simple means in her own words.

I also remember the first time I went to church here and I had this ornament from my hair to my tips of fingers. There were a whole lot of people staring at me, like something was wrong with me. This was too much. “How do you breathe in that attire?” “Are you an African Queen?” After too many questions, I went home and had second thoughts about how I draw people’s attention: after all, America is all about simplicity.

Even in college, it took me time to realize that people love their flip-flops when I was so used to big dressing shoes. Although I later found out that the only thing around after a hard night’s party was a flip-flop. Yet, I give them credit.  Over the years, I have become part of what is now simple.

In addition to creating a bigger Identity, Taylor knows what sells too; the more original you are, the better for you.  Because Taylor is someone who can create her own music; so in the end, she has her royalties just like Dolly Parton.

Taylor has her own Fan base too, both young and old adults. Nobody sounds like her because she is original. Everyone in our house can read out loud Taylor Swift’s music. Sometimes we can feel her presence wherever we go, and she keeps telling her Cinderella story. I guess that is why people like me do not care if she can sing or not. I have learned from her that you must, as an individual, create your own identity.

I also learn that you do not have to be a technical writer to be successful. We are all different individuals; what works for you may not work for me. Just like I detest anything with technicality in it, you can still be like Taylor and keep your words simple and interesting. Go with what you are passionate about and leave the rest for your fans. That is why I always vote for her before any other great artist.

Taylor has also the identity of having many boyfriends, releasing them as they come and making music out of her failed relationships. Well that is creating a negative identity which may or may not be true. But we can all agree that Taylor may have a long list of boyfriends, some of them shouldn’t have even happened to begin with. Things happen, and coincidentally Taylor is not new to coincidences. But remember she is a story-teller too. You can blame Taylor Swift partly for all her poor choices, but do not blame her for her wonderful songs because she is real, she is smart, and she sees things the American way.

And she is a little bit of country, and most importantly, she is an “American Pie.” Who hates a pie? And she has created for herself a long-lasting identity that could last forever.

What Is Wrong With Organic Chemistry?

Organic chemistry is like no other class that I have taken. Really, you cannot explain the course to even people who have emotional connection to it ( in a more serious note) . I also find out that you can repeat that  class as many times as you want to without feeling dumb about it; that is a fact . I once saw a girl that has dropped the class 4 times, which is nothing if you had to repeat the class the same amount of time, the same organic chemistry that ended my best friend’s dream of becoming a doctor.

Most organic chemistry teachers themselves can only explain what they know. It is so surreal that when you hear organic chemistry, the first thing that comes to mind is, “Yep, organic apple.” But wait till you are in the class, then you will realize that you are in for a surprise. The question most teachers will normally ask in organic chemistry is “What`s your knowledge about organic chemistry before you took the class?”

For a long time I thought there was some kind of connection to that. I mean from all seriousness, I went to that class hoping to see a connection with food, especially about apples, like my neighbor thought.  The only connection that was most visible was when I found in research that the FDA has concerns over how much control they should have over the limit that the plastics industry should present in our drinking water.

But I was disappointed. Organic chemistry is a part of discipline involving the scientific study of the structure, properties, and reactions of organic compounds and organic materials; it involves so many, many products including plastics, drugs, and petrochemicals. While Organic foods are foods that are produced using methods of organic farming — that do not involve modern synthetic inputs such as synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

But whatever you are thinking, the same ignorance that led me to organic chemistry became the laughing stuff when I found out my neighbor had similar thoughts. Isn’t it amazing how we can interpret things however way we want to, any how we want without being in trouble for it? (They call it freedom of speech). Sometimes it is not necessary to say “Hi” to our neighbors; most times it pays to keep quiet, but if only we can engage more people in our daily discussions, we may realize how fragile we all are, how vulnerable we can be especially when we are just ignorant of so many things. 6 months ago, I was having this discussion with a lady that I saw who walks her dog every day. I said to her, “Ma’m, how you are doing?”

As the conversation progressed, I told her that I just finished my organic chemistry today (YES!!!) and I feel so free. The lady jumped in and said, “Waaoh, isn’t it wonderful? I love organic apple, organic dapple lopper, organic squash, and organic butter.” (I do not know where the tripping point was) Did I say something strange I kept wondering? She continued, I have been eating organic food since I was a child.  My mouth was still wide open as she continued. “I know that you must have enjoyed that class (“Not exactly,” I muttered to myself.) “I cannot do without organic foods.”

 Here is what organic food look like

Go Organic

As she continued to list all the organic foods that mattered to her, I just shook my head. Really? Do you have to go this far? Really, I do not know what to tell her. I thought about my own ignorance and things I did not know and how I would have made a fool of myself in the same manner. Or probably we are so different, so I thought, because I am so  good at studying body movements that will  stop me when it is no longer fun. I put myself in that woman’s shoes.

A year ago, before I even took organic chemistry, I thought it had something to do with how we process our food. (Leave it to the dieticians). But I was wrong. I now know that it deals with carbon, metals, etc. Tell me when apples came in there? (I asked myself).  But who Am I to stop her? Maybe this is the best ignorance?

But how can I explain this to my neighbor knowing how excited she was about her organic foods.  I do not really want to embarrass her to make it worse; she was not even looking at me to know that it was becoming strange. I somehow put one third of the blame on me. Probably she did not understand me (As every foreigner feels most of the time.)  But I was not the one who invented organic chemistry

(Science did). After all she will never understand me; she might even turn around and blame it on my accent. So I decided to let it go.

I wish someone with a very clear accent can help me tell her that organic chemistry has nothing to do with her beloved foods. (While organic produce is grown the way nature intended without the use of synthetic, pesticides and fertilizers. On the other hand, organic chemistry Instead deals with carbon based compounds, hydrocarbons, and their derivatives.  Anything,  but our organic foods.

In a better note, I really love my neighbor at least I have someone I could rely on even when I have had enough. She is very funny too.

What kind of neigbour do you have ?


Organic formula chart