Undaunted Piece.

Love should not be complicated.
It`s what you see down the road.
Should we have told the truth to save others? 
A piece of work so startling for anyone to take it seriously.
Little ones roaming around looking aimlessly at something that never was.
Little truth should have cleared this myth. 
Why we castigate others and promote others
Speaks passionately about others then cannot stand the others.
How do you know that love actually happened?
How do you know when they cannot fake it?
Who is marrying on love?
Why do we fixate on this thing call love? 
Is happiness actually as a result of it? 
Love comes to us like fresh air.
Cool us when it flashes.
Gives us flares when it has heated up.
Left us cold when  it has fizzled out.
Misrepresents our feelings when  we could not handle it anymore.
Put us all up in the moment.
Who is deceiving who now?
Similar echo viewed before. 
Love is strange so much to learn.
Love is conquering so loud and clear
Love is confronting so much 
To share.

4 thoughts on “Undaunted Piece.

    1. It is even getting more complex than ever now. How are you Diane. I really love your new post. Well done for the job you do all the time.

      1. I’m doing okay …sleep is better… I am still saddened by the lack of response or contact with our daughter but I need to ‘be still for now and trust God is working”….. You take care of yourself…. Diane

  1. I hate to see things go bad like this. I hope she thinks about all the pains you are going through.. i hope things works out for you. You deserves to be happy. I will always appreciate you..

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