Gratitude From Heart

There is often the need to make people understand that writing poetry, or any kind of book, is a hard place for anyone to be in. Poetry creates tension in most writings, but the writer knows the boundary. Some creations require tension, especially when you are very philosophical or writing about love and hate relationships. But oftentimes the general public assumes it has a negative connotation to it. Poetry also takes a lot of energy that normally other works of art may not require.

Also the need to produce a wonderful job also creates conflict in writing. But  haven’t said that. I have not lost sight that a lot of people are rooting for me to succeed. I have also not lost sight that I need to get on board and start doing a good job in creating awareness about children.  I can see that love in abundance.  I am so happy to be in this position that I find myself.

Thank you for all the wonderful people around me. I appreciate all the kind advice that all of you have been giving me. I have often gone back and fixed things based on people’s recommendations.  I have often cried also explaining whenever I was passionate about something. Thanks for reading too. Thank you Word Press bloggers because I now understand that without you bloggers, I have no statistics. I am grateful and have realized that.

I am compelled enough to stick around for those of you who have been following my work and those that I have discovered before and recently. Thank you so much. Recently l was looking at my work, and I said to myself, “Why do people like reading from you? Why have I brought in a lot of new internet readers? Why have I done well with the people of the world generally? Why do I get new followers every day, yet I am not getting out any communication?”

On second thought, I know that I need to change something: “What is it that I have to improve on?” I ask. Then my frustration comes from the fact that I cannot say anything without getting backlash for it. I can count about 4 different scenarios, but I choose not to.

Because I am not a conflict master, my background is in sociology, and I know a lot about stigmas, biases, stereotypes, assumptions, and others, so I choose to let it go. Then why do I not have a lot of comments that will prove to people what I have been saying all along? Even one of my readers suggested I should write about  a person. “How?” I asked.

Letting You Into My World

1 I am a happy person. I want everyone to know that, but I am also an introvert. I have a background in sociology, literature, philosophy; that is how I deal with reality. I would like to build my blog around people that care about my work. I like to handle rejection in the best possible way I can (Introverts are good at building walls around themselves and then turn around and think everyone is against them.) I am working on it. I also do not write for approval, for which most of you really understand. I am a humanitarian too and not a licensed counselor, but I can speak life to a child. I see things from a humanitarian’s side of things, and I am very philosophical, and I write poetry too.

2 Recently there has been a conflict among writing a book, blogging, and taking care of 4 children this summer. I would like to go on with my schedule as soon as summer is over. I will share some details as soon as my books are in the works.

3 Recently, my biggest frustration came from the fact that my blog was now pointing to my new blog, which is still being renovated. Everyone was directed to that blog, yet I cannot get it to the standard that I want it to be. When I started that blog, I wanted to move it based on the noise of the blogging world that oftentimes became too much for me to handle. But when I moved over there, I did not know how to run anything. I even tried for three weeks to get that blog in progress, and nothing was working for me. I became a little frustrated because I did not know how to manage a lot of things but write. I was ready to build this blog from scratch like I did with my other blog. But I also realize that I will need this community to grow too.

Three Things I Have To Do

1 I hate to blame people for my own inefficiencies, so therefore I fully take responsibility for everything that has gone wrong here.

2 Secondly, because I am working with no income, it is hard for me to hire anyone to help me put this place in order. For the past 4 months, I have virtually done everything except all the editing by myself, which is a little strange.

3 If I knew I could not publish a book, I would not even talk about it. But now that my book is in progress, I would like all the support that I will need.

Finally, I have decided to make this blog here my home base even though this blog is pointed to the other blog. I have had some of my readers complain that the theme I chose in the other blog is too technical for them to read; therefore, if anybody knows what to do, let me know.

Finally, enough  of my problems. I promise to give out my final plan very soon. No more complaining and move on. I need help in answering all these questions.

What can I do differently and why?

I have spent 4 months writing, and people have enjoyed my work, but I want to grow this place and move on. I thank  all of you that have shown concern and ways for me to improve.Thanks for all the direct emails I got , direct quotes, and encouragements. I feel like I have finally found the help I desperately need. I promised to put in my best efforts here . and If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I will continue to throw in questions here until we can answer them. I need your help. Thank you.

In case you missed  this, here it is: Five Things We Love About Poetry


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