The Gifted:Working Poor And The Internet

Just For the voiceless.
I hope I miss technology in general
The internet in  particular.
I hope you miss me when I decide I have had enough
Recent events have pushed us further
You will no longer rely on  your strengths alone  any longer
You must have a heart
You must run as fast as you can
You must persevere
There is no place for a poor man anymore
Poverty has never been about stigma
Poverty should not make you hide
Regardless of how lazy anyone thinks you are.
Especially if you have done all that is required of you
All that has been asked of you
Intimidation of any sort should not find you
It is depressing if you ask me
There is no need to start a war
There is no war to start
But something is unbelievably strange here
You can feel it
It is very imposing
You can scream all you want
And no one will hear you
They will not understand you either
Even if they want to
I am so sure no one knows how this place works
I am beggining to think so
There is no reason for them to
After all, the internet holds the key to salvation
It`s the beginning and the end of all interactions,
so they say.
This is where all the money lives
Yet you can hardly see it rolling.
There is more than a force here
Pray for those who will be coming after us
Ask for favor
I have been here before
Nothing has been as consuming as this
This is not about creating attention
An unnecessary one if you care.
But something is not right here
Writing is about creativity
It is not forceful
Sometimes it is not shareable
It works like magic
It is not about profit if you ask anyone
But recent events have made it so, it seems.
Cry if it`s worth crying for
Persevere because you have a long way to go
A long, really long way……..
Unfortunately longer than necessary.
You can read this piece to understand more.

6 thoughts on “The Gifted:Working Poor And The Internet

  1. Nkechi… It seems you are very disillusioned about the fact that you haven’t been able to accomplish what you would have liked to… and you are not feeling very strong right now ….It seems as though you aren’t sure what you should do to break out of the place you find yourself…. but I know that no matter what your faith will show you what your should do…. Pray for direction… pray for a peace in the midst of the uncertainty perhaps you feel …. I’m not sure of course ..I’m just reading between the lines…. I’ll say a prayer for you …take care.. Diane xo

    1. Diane, If I am lost I will tell you. The things that makes you happy may not be mine. I see things from a different angle. I love you anyway, but I have a mission that is all I can tell you right now.

      1. You’re right we are all different…I know you have a heart for all children and especially those who are in poverty …. and I have thought that was part of your mission from the very beginning… I may not have the same ways as yours ….but I understand the desire to help and have concern for children of poverty also…. I know you go further than that…. but I just sense that you are discouraged at the moment…. take care friend…. Diane xoxo

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