A Road To Unknown

As people grow, they find different things that appeal to them. It can be money, it can be relationships, it can be cars, it can be love, or if you are like me, you must have grown up loving poetry and all it stands for is whatever happens to what we love in our lives. My happiness comes from what I see every day. My joy has always been fixed on one thing and one thing only. I wish we live in a perfect world where everything is so perfect but we don`t. I wish we live in a world where people are so impeccable but no, we are not. I also wish we live in a world where someone is not crying every day for  their loss. It is almost sad to wrap ourselves around and know where we are going from here. As  someone who had played a peaceful role in school for 15years and going. It is hard to say that everything is okay.There has been a time that all I have done is to sit down and cry.   I worry about our children. I worry about so many things that make sense to human. I worry about where it is going to end. It is not about our position in the world anymore, but it`s about things that may or may not make sense to an ordinary eye. It`s about the hatred that people have for each other yet in a very silence but painful way.


I welcome any comments

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