Five Women Five Unique Cases

I was having a discussion with a friend whom I have known for years recently. Before her baby came last two years ago, she was enjoying a pain free schedule; she was responding not only to the nursing responsibilities and honoring every duty that she had to, but was also doing so many other things besides her regular job . I remember making turkey dinner for her family each year because both of them worked  in a medical field .But everything changed for her in the last two years as she have  began to see changes in her own family. Adding another child to their growing family did not help her as she had finally decided to stay home with the children. She became a little bit sad that she had to quit her job even though she was also enjoying her motherhood; but then she had to depend on her husband for all their expenses and she does not understand why she should not contribute to their home expenses . She even brought in a helper but realized that she needs to be there in her house .It has now dawned on her that there are so many reasons why some women do not work after they have more than one child ,even after their education, she said.

Why did I began to talk about this issue now? I did because women are more likely to be discriminated at work especially after having a baby. They will be marginalized in years to come. I was reading this documentary of how this artist lost her career after she had her baby. I had seen many women stay home after they had their babies and would not want to go back after many years of being at home. I did similar thing too when I had my second child. So our role was very clear from the beginning if I am not mistaken,

I believe that with good education, more women will be fit to manage their own problems without so much trouble. Education sustains economic development and growth (Oppong and Abu, 1997).The buzz about education is that education will give women an alternative to sedentary living. It will give them another prospect and allow them to manage their time efficiently. But recently, the issues with   escalating student loans, coupled with uncertainties about their future has led many people to question education and where it is going.

Education is still alive, I will say.  I will stand here and defend that education is not dead and not going to die,but to get ahead in today’s world , one needs  all the education she or he  will need to get   to be able to communicate better, work a decent job  , and become relevant in today`s world regardless of what anyone might say .

Secondly, to be successful now in this communication and internet age, too, one must now avoid the traditional way of sticking to one course or specialize in this course and not another course unless one is going to become a doctor, engineer or one of these professional courses that will sustain ones home without stress.

But going for Bachelor of Arts degree like we all know it this day will require more than BA to survive. Today one has to mix it up with a little bit of science and a little more to technology: but the problem may not even be education anymore for women.

After all we have done so far, how do women transition from A to B without obstacles like finding a perfect schedule, or getting into a high skilled jobs without so many eyes rolling, or take for instance a woman who has three children and thinking about going to Iraq or even Africa to cover a project; can she just wake up and go? Or, will it take months for her to prepare?. Or, can anyone imagine a mother leaving the house whenever she wants without worrying about her children? But all these issues can be easier for a man regardless of how insignificant his job is. But to say there is competition with men is to do injustice to the men since their roles are different from women, but as women, I guess something has got to give.

I have faced more challenges recently than I ever thought I would. How can we move beyond being women? Writing a book, novel or even short stories takes women away from their homes, it also requires moving up and down to their favorite places to write .How can a female writer in particular function and still maintain her integrity?.

What is even worse is that because many women have different issues they go through, it is also sad because different issues are not experienced the same between women. There are thousands of issues that are different issues to women  I am going to give about five examples.

For example, a woman with five children and with money may not know what it means to have five children and poor. Just like a happily married woman may not know what an unhappy woman in a relationship was going through but they are all women.

Worse also some women love their pink and would not give up on being a woman and embracing it, while those born women in a man skin will find it hard to flourish as a woman. Also how women are viewed overseas, their roles and what they do are different from how women are viewed in America and other developed countries.

Take for example, a woman who waited to fall in love may be indifferent towards a woman who just find hers in a split of an eye.

Here in America for example, young and unmarried singles are treated with respect and honor. In  Africa, young unmarried girls don`t worth anything as the society still have their biases against them especially if they tried to push their way up the ladder. And also because they do not have simple jobs in third world countries  like we have here in the State.

Again some women made a clear decisions that they will not bother with children ,then there are some who love children so much that they have nine kids not even worrying about how they are going to raise those children,

It is even hard to figure out how we can look at women and wonder how to solve the world`s problem? But the world problem cannot be solved because many women with children are still in poverty. How can we look beyond our struggles and come to terms with all the issues that create hardships for women. I hate to fixate on issues like this,  I have better things to talk about than  worrying about women`s  fate in a man’s world , but there is no way we can move to the next level without addressing our issue, women`s  issues, and their  children that depend on them for their  emotional support.

This morning I was imagining what it still means to be a woman and still struggling to do it all? How can we move Beyond Being A Woman?  Recently, I am a class that is stretching my abilities to comprehend why I was born in a man`s cloth in the first place. Then I began to think like a man in a class full of women. That was when I realize that I was in a wrong place and at appointed time.Then I cried out Help me now.

I have tried to do it all ,yet there is so many obstacles that all I have left was to cry out loud ( I normally do not ) . How can we move beyond what everyone wants us to do except what we want to do ourselves ?

How is your case different? For every five women there is a unique story and  five different challenges and we know it. How do women`s struggles effect their children. You need to love us the way we are. We need to start feeling the love from everyone that care to listen.


I welcome any comments

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