About Us

NOAEFame background pic 02-22-13I am a mother.

I am a wife.

I am a learner.

I am somebody with a vision.

I am a Christian living the dream of becoming a better person.

I am somebody that has no problem saying sorry when necessary.

I am grateful for all I have been given, and I am ready to give back.

My life will not be complete without all the people in my life.

I have spent 16 years here learning; the more I learn the better I become.

I also learn today how to hang my “Competition Boots,” which is very important.

What I think is funny sometimes might not be funny to others.

I have dealt with emotions all my life and ready to say something about it.

I learn that every day is a challenge, but you have to learn how to go about it.

I used to worry about perfection.

But I have also learned that no one is perfect, but we can only try to be.

I have a goal to write my memoir in the next two years.

But I hope you will get to know me enough to buy my Book.

NOAEfame is a writer with passion. I am married with four children.

I have a degree in Sociology and Comparative literature from The University of Georgia. I also have an Associates Degree in Business Administration.

I have  spent 4 years recently studying science. My favorite subject  is  probably organic chemistry simply because I had to repeat it twice. Writing is one of those things that comes easy for me. I speak,write passionately and fluently too.

I do  public speaking with Toastmasters International. I also have great knowledge about sports. I love watching  Tennis, Football and Basketball as well. I listened to Skip Baileys and Steve A. Smith every morning on ESPN First Take. Be ready to read about sports too.

I will love to end up as a researcher one day because I want to do more work in a nursing field. I have  great passion for kids. In my writing, I will focus more on personal growth, families, entertainment and how to raise wonderful kids. I am not perfect; therefore, I am always open for constructive criticism. I am, before every other thing, an Opinion writer.

Nkechi and Ozioma
Nkechi and Ozioma

I have four wonderful girls: Nonye 12 years, Amara 9 1/2, Eby 8 years, and Ozi 5 years old.

Growing up I did not have a mother. Therefore, I have done everything  just to guide and protect my children. I have also done school runs for the past 11 years with all four of my children.

We all know and get along with each other very well, including my husband. Because we  have spent so much time together, it is easy to finish each others’ sentences. I hope to engage in a dialogue that will help the communication flow better.


19 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I LOVE how you did your blog! You are on your way to fame now. 😉 I am so proud of you for taking action and inspiring me. Keep doing more, NOAEFame! 🙂

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    1. Thank yo so much. I am very happy and feel very appreciated. My life will never be the same aging for just this out of kindness, I appreciate it and I am really grateful for the thoughtful people like you

  3. Nkechi,
    It was nice to meet you again today in the library, and it was nice chatting with you and catching up with latest developments.
    I am writing this because I promised to keep in touch. This is my first fulfillment. May God bless you.

    1. I am so excited. I have been allover the place. I will make sure I take out time to write the award. Thank you so much. I appreciate you.

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