Choosing Between Two Options ? How?

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I need  Your help.

Poorly Communicated Reason – I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that often we, as managers, haven’t explained the situation well enough. If the employee doesn’t know why they need to do something then they lack reason for following” Managers Diary.

Managers Diary has saved me a number of times. I have known him for as long as I have been blogging. I wrote about A manger who manages my life without knowing it. He has continued to help me.

Recently I have come short in communicating. I have struggled with this for a  long time. In a week from today, I will be going back to school  to finish  a degree in science that I started three years ago or just publish my poetry, my book now. Also for the past four months , some individuals hacked into my current school system, the school evidently suspected that my identity has been exposed, the case is still on going. My blog was hijacked which caused me so much pain.  It brought so much pain, because they were logging in as Noaefame in my account.

2 My family is in a financial crisis because we are both students with little or no income with four children. He is still finishing his masters program. Recently, we decided to move closer to my school where I do not have to beg for gas money anymore. This is my 15 years studying different courses. From arts, social science, to pure science. I have also attended both four year colleges (4 different schools)and community ones too (5 different schools) . Recently as a blogger online, I have just started learning here too. I am all about learning and I thank all of you for that.

3 Seriously, we are in  debt.Between both of us, we  owe more than 100 thousand in student loan, but I promised to finish my bachelors in science which I started three years ago. I know that I love writing. I can be a good writer if I am not burdened by my own financial burden. I want to start my charity work but I also worry about how , where, when. and going to jail if things went wrong.

4 I will like to publish my book any day now if I can afford an editor. I will rather write, help people than going back to school now as my body is  so tired from juggling too many roles. It took me time to finally come up with this.

Here is the problem

Recently we moved to a nearby city. It was one of the most difficult decisions we have ever made because we could not afford it. We had a friend who came over to help . Within those four days too, a lot happened that will make anyone loose hope. We had no means of communication. I tried to communicate , but no iPad or  wireless phone. I have struggled to communicate all these to all of you. Sometimes I felt so short in my communications, but I do not know what to do.

My new blog  is yet to be transfer. This time I have to seek the services of a website builder because of what I had gone through in the last 6months. I almost gave up writing online. I had wanted to wait till the blog is ready to tell you all of these things. I hope to start writing again by the end of this week. I will still use a Word Press theme.

Here is the thing, I have vehemently rejected a celebrity status, you know the truth and I know it because I am scared of what might be. I am the modern day Martin Buber. I hate when we over analyze our artists and subject them to ridicule. We often make fun of their families and put unnecessary pressures on them. Look we are all humans and make mistakes too; but the way we treat them sometimes can discourage anyone to even think about it.

Recently, my body is tired. I am no longer getting young. My oldest daughter is 13years old with so many visions and all she wants which we cannot afford. She is a swimmer, and loves dancing. Last year she was in Miss Teen phoenix but fell  short probably we did not put much thought to it. If you have a 13year old at home, you know exactly what I am saying. I will want nothing but to write. I have written so much in the past two  weeks. I want to sit down very peacefully and write without worrying about my financial state. My husband has been very supportive of me, but I also feel like I need to help him out financially.

As someone who  has benefited so much from books, I never felt that I will be rich writing, but if wealth  comes  through my work then  I will accept it.

Here is My Plan.

Before I go back to school on  Tuesday 1/14/14 which I can also do a deferment on it till next year or two. I want you to tell me how I can best serve. I want you to tell me what subject you would like me to focus on. But I love poetry. I cannot live without it. I have passion for children, youths, middle age children, adults and older adults. Together we can build a better world. I trust in you. Do not let my financial burden run me over. This is just a special plea. I have learned from my other mistakes.

I want us to come up with a solution as I have listen to all of you while I took a little break. Thank you for even reading. Help me fulfil this dream. I promise not to let any of you down. I will need nothing now than to honor all the invitations from people around the globe , pay an editor to help me in editing and putting my book in place for publishing. I will also like to complete my research on children which will require time and efforts. You can help me by donating money to my Pay pal account. I love writing, and would want to stick with writing. But instead of compromising my writing principles I will probably stay ofline for a while. Thank you as you consider helping.

How can I best serve?. I need Your Help.


5 thoughts on “Choosing Between Two Options ? How?

  1. Very insightful. Thank you for your awesome thoughts. It’s kind of a funny situation. If the manager has demonstrated him or herself to be reliable and there is mutual respect and trust, rapport is established, and it’s a healthy relationship, does the employee really need to know all the nittty gritty details? Sometimes, I find employees ask me the “why” question just to be asking. Yes, I think it may be useful at times for an employee to know the why. In fact, sometimes, if the employee knows more details of why you’ve asked them to perform a set of tasks, just maybe they have a better, more efficient solution than what you’ve asked them to do. But not usually.

    I personally think that when they ask why, most really don’t want to know why. They probably don’t care why. I think that when they ask why, it’s because the task is daunting, overwhelming, tedious, etc. Maybe even it’s a seemingly impossible set of tasks. They probably don’t really want to know why, but it’s easier to ask details about the task than to say they don’t think they can do it or it’s an encumbering task. At least, that’s been my observation. As a manager, I know I need to cue in on employees’ discomfort with things since many don’t articulate that. People obviously must think it’s a sign of incompetence to indicate a task is too huge and tedious. Frankly, I’d prefer them to say so than waste time asking a bunch of questions, especially if the answers won’t make any difference anyway.

    I just wanted to vent about this. Sometimes, people really aren’t interested in the why, even if that’s what they SAY that they want. Being a manager, in addition to being their leader and administrator, it also requires us to be mind readers, intuitive, predictive, displaying the instincts of a mother.

    Regards, and good luck with your project.

    1. Thanks so much .I think you are right, they don`t want to know why and then it becomes very hard to say it as it is. I have repeatedly said the same thing over and over but I still get the notion that I am not
      communicating well enough. Without funds ,there is no how I will put up a sophisticated blog like everyone want me to.But thanks for your input too. I really appreciate that.

  2. I have to admit I am somewhat confused with your post. It seems that you have put too much stress on yourself.

    I think you need to decide what it is you most want to do. Schooling in and of itself if it does not take you where you want to go in life I believe is not the answer.

    Your heart is in writing and yet you are going to do it on another blog or on two blogs ?? I’m unclear on this. You also want to publish a book and yet you are clearly in a lot of debt right now and really can’t afford to be hiring an editor etc. in order to do this.

    Have you ever considered going to what I believe is called a ‘Life Coach’…. to help you maybe clarify everything that is facing you in the way of challenges…..

    I worry that you have too much to handle and yet maybe it is clearer for you than me. I wish you well in whatever you choose… Diane xo

    1. Thank you Diane, when I started to write, I never knew it will come to this. When you have children, you always put them first. As for me, writing will always come first. I have always worked with my husband on what is in the best interest of our kids. I will always write, but writing does not make anyone a millionaire. I know what I want but I have children that depend on me too. Thanks, I wil always appreciate your input. Thank you so much.

      1. Thank you Diane, when I started to write, I never knew it will come to this. When you have children, you always put them first. As for me, writing will always come first. I have always worked with my husband on what is in the best interest of our kids. I will always write, but writing does not make anyone a millionaire. I know what I want but I have children that depend on me too. Thanks, I wil always appreciate your input. Thank you so much.

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