When You Can Be Thankful Too

What are you thankful for?  It is no wonder the time is here again. The fall brings in good tidings, the blessings that have no measure. Happiness among many things is supposed to be around the corner. The Thanksgiving celebration is here again, a time to celebrate everything from our health to all the favors we have had all year. A time of caring, a time of giving, and a time of showing gratitude. There is so much to be grateful, and much to be happy about. Yet a lot of things have come and gone that has made us remain so impassive.

Recently too many things have happened that were not supposed to happen. Too many people are hurting; the economy is so bad and the mood in our country is really not that great. According to a new study, 47% of women remain underpaid. Remember the economy goes with women’s directions.  There is a lack of growth opportunities especially for women, the research has indicated. Banks are not really excited  about giving out loans.The student loans are sending shivers to a lot of students who think that it will take years for them to finish paying their student loans. The truth remains that there is a real crisis in the world.

I know someone will say, “Is she supposed to be bringing this up?. Can she ever do without reminding us about what is wrong always?” Can she go one day without saying what is wrong?”  Well, that is not how I work. My job is not to be happy because my life is better. My job is not to promote dishonest people,or to pretend that all the children are having equal opportunities out there whether by design or by accidents.  My job is to look at things that creates poverty, a look at things that bring uncertainties.  I still worry about all the injustice that goes on every day. Can I change all the things that go bad in the world today? No, but I see more problems because I work closely with people. In reality, people are not celebrating the way they should be now. Why?  There are so many problems going on. I have seen people look at me disgustedly and have felt that I am part of the problem. Most of them do not even know that I too have been working without pay pretty much. I still belong to the statistics of underpaid women. I still have more than $56,000 in student loans. I am still wondering how?

How about these Wishes Right Now?.

1 Wish there is an answer to the lingering problems here in our country. Recently I met a little girl that has lost her mother. Her grandmother is now worried that she is behind in her reading. At 5 years old. She is totally behind in her reading and mental skills. I know how that feels. For those of us that grew up with our grandmothers, it is not always easy on them because they want to do something great for their grand kids, but the truth is that they are tired to do so much. Therefore, children like Abigail will continue to struggle; part of the poverty circle that will never go away.

2 A time we wished we are in a world where we can be able to tell how sad and how mad we are without someone calling us a complainer.

3 A time we wished we live in a country where anyone can enjoy his or her hard earned money without someone frowning at their success. Calling them show offs, ego, selfish and other things that go on here.

4 A time we wish to live in a world where anyone can tell what he or she sees and say how he or she saw it, without someone calling for his or her head.

5 A time we wish we live in a country where anyone can say what he or she knows without someone calling them egoistic.

6 A time we wish we live in a Country where we can build a home without a problem.

7 Wish we can also preach the gospel and practice religion without someone calling us a hypocrite

8 Wish we can also tell the truth without being in trouble

9 Wish we can make a mistake without going to jail.

10 Wish we can cry out so that somebody will listen to us but oftentimes we never get a shot.

11 Wish we can ask questions, save a child before he or she commit suicide

12 Wish we can be so free to shout at our own convenience without annoying someone.

13 Smile because life deserves it.

14 Support who you want to support; love who you want, without people bringing race to it.

15 Wish we can claim any nationality without getting backlash.

16 Wish we can help the helpless without thinking that they are our nightmares and treat them so horribly.

After facing unnecessary backlash too . I have recently begun to worry about my children, and other people’s children, and thinking what kind of world they will be growing into.” They are still better off here in America,” I cried. I still think that in terms of everything, this remains one of the best countries in the world, but things are not totally perfect. Finally, one of the things I enjoyed when I was growing up in Africa was the ability to love who I want to love, listen to the kind of music that I love, and  talk about my favorite writers without something reminding me about my color or race. I know my children will not experience that and it hurts so badly.

The issue of race is the most disturbing thing I have ever witnessed here. I grew up in a culture of different tribes and know that there is nothing wrong about being different.  I know it is hard to be both colors. But we  live in a country where majority still see pretty much everything on race, stereotypes, assumptions and biases. Sometimes we fail to teach our children the most important values of loving their neighbors as themselves. We hear things that will make us hate each other more especially if we continue to listen to some TV stations that talk about race all the time. No wonder things are the way they are now. I wish we all have answers to all these problems that will never go away. I wish we can celebrate Thanksgiving in a very good mood without worrying about weather, money and our places in history. I hope this Thanksgiving will give you all that you have ever asked for. Make you show more gratitude. Give you opportunity to love more than you have ever done before. Thanks giving is not only for the good times, but  also a time to give thanks even in the mist of all the good, the bad, and all the ugly things surfacing before our eyes that we have no control of. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. without you, i am nothing and you know it.

What you will take away from this today  is that real life sound so much negative. I promise, my idea is not to dampen anyone`s  spirit. But to find ways we can live in harmony. I know most people will feel and relate with this also. But I appreciate you for reading it . What are you thankful about ?


4 thoughts on “When You Can Be Thankful Too

  1. There is of course much sadness and injustice in this world of ours…. and I would suppose there always has been and always will be until the Lord comes again… I don’t think that we should just accept it all and keep a blind eye but I have found that it is necessary to keep all in perspective in that I can’t change it all… so I do like to keep in mind this verse…. “Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference…. it helps me when I sometimes get overwhelmed over situations…. Diane

    1. Thank you Diane, this is a wonderful prayer to hang on to. I think that sometimes things happened so strangely that pushes everything back. It fluctuates. Like you know me, I promise myself and the world that I will not fixate on race and all that has nothing to glorify the lord. I promised too that I will totally exempt myself from all those TV stations that promotes race. I have just done that. I have also kept everything in perspectives but I was forced to say a thing or two about it here. I promise to move over and continue with my message of hope and love. Thank you so much. Happy thanks giving.

  2. These things bother me too and could really relate to what you said about student loans and race. I am deep in debt with Sallie Mae and there is no help to be had. They don’t care that I want to pay off what I borrowed and it’s a tragedy that people are so greedy and can prey upon those who are trying to make their lives better. It’s disgusting.

    The race thing also bothers me. Why is the colour of a person the first thing we see? People are more than just what they look like or where they come from. It’s a shame that people can be reduced to stereotypes so easily. The only thing that we can do is to be a good example for others. We never know whom we may influence by treating people with respect.

    As for what I’m thankful for, I’m thankful for my husband, my family and friends, the fact that I have a decent job and can pay my bills, my good health and many more things. My life is far from perfect but many people are worse off than me so I have much to be grateful for.

    I’m also thankful that I met you through our blogs! I hope that you have a Happy Thanksgiving despite being weighed down by all of the problems of the world!

    1. Buffy, recently I have been having nightmares. I have to prove to the people in my class that I can even speak English. Now when I was at The University , everyone felt I was there to play any kind of sports. I have never seen anything so strange like I have witnessed here. It is not one group or the other. It is the stigma that has ruined the whole thing here.I wonder how children will grow up here without any type of complex. I will start figuring out how we can pay our student loans. It is making our students sad.They are now looking for a way out.Thank you so much Buffy. I promised that there will be a way out of this problems.
      Happy Thanksgiving.I know we have a lot in common. Good people will always think for the generality of others.

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