I Am So Glad You Care

 A time to lean on.
The world need people that cares.
Those who will go to any length to clean other people’s tears.
Those who genuinely care.
The world needs impeccable humans.
The people who will shed tears when all things are not going well for someone else.
Not people that will remind you what you, she, he did wrong at one point in time.
Thank you for all those who genuinely care during these difficult times.
Thank you all that was able to help the people of the Philippines.
Our thoughts and prayers go to those who are suffering right now.
I too have seen sufferings before.
I too have seen pain too.
I know you have too.
I know you totally believe in healing.
I hope we can live a better,
More fulfilling life.
I hope something will come and wipe away our tears.
I hope you keep your heads high.
I hope you work diligently for the road is far.
I hope you have several options to deal with the changing face of time.
I hope you love yourself more than anyone can assume .

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