Seeing Beyond Purlieu 1.

How will you know.Photo credit from gallery.

Happy day today . It took a lot of courage for me to come to this conclusion. It also took a lot of strengths to move on. I hope everyone growing up is teachable. I hope we can all see beyond our purlieus. One of the best parts of learning from people now is that the rooms are never smaller each time I walked in it. It is becoming wider and wider with love, amazements, and wonders. Thank you all for your love and kindness. I will put in all great efforts to be the person that the people would want to see. The journey has just begun. Why the sudden change anyone will ask? Because that is the power of becoming successful according to Henri k Ibsen

The great secret of power is never to do more than you can accomplish .the great secret of action and victory is to be capable of living. Henry K, Ibsen

Thursday would have brought sorrow to the people I loved dearly .There is also power in the ability to see beyond oneself. But it would not have happened without these realizations.

1 Strengths from having a nervous breakdown. On Thursday around 7 pm, paramedics was called to my home while my husband was still at work. It was my children who went out of their ways to call some neighbors and asked for their help. The nervous breakdown came from an anaphylactic shock, a reaction from a coffee that I drank on Wednesday at a coffee shop.

By definition, “.anaphylactic shock and maybe drop dead. This reactions can range from mild skin rashes to rare but severe, even life-threatening”,

The reaction I had was so powerful and it  nearly took my life. Normally I would not have reacted to anything since I am a picky eater.  I struggled for 3 hours to say a word as I realized that I had no control over what I said at that particular time. The realization that my children were so distraught brought me to my knees. It also took a conviction from my five year old daughter to tell me that she prayed for God to help me but he didn`t. But I said to her, “how did you know that he did not listen” and she said.” well  the fire fighters saved you”. I know because they can “she said.  But during the time I was in the emergency room, I realized how badly the whole situation could have been.  I realize too  that my children would have been motherless just as I was growing up; knowing that feelings brought me to tears yet again.  It brought back sad memories that I have been trying to avoid. The parts so unknown beclouded my memories as I lay down helplessly . May be they would have figure out the world alone like I did. But I was so honest to admit that my lord saved me. I could not have known the difference anyway. I am still recovering every day now. This is the first serious emergency visit for me ever; other than the previous ones I had while I was pregnant.Normally it would have been for one of my children as those kids reminded me again. Mummy how did this happen?  “It would have been us” they said. Well I need to say no sometimes I suppose.

Knowing when to say noRecently, I have tried to say yes to everything even to the things I had no clue about how they works. I have grown up to be a people`s pleaser. I will go out of my way to appreciate things. But the sad news is that this Wednesday was also an eye opener too. Even while I was suffering from the hives, I should have gone back home to get help that I  so much needed; but I still went to honor an invitation hoping they will still remember me. But the reception I got from one of the people that I have always looked up to was so discouraging. But never let little things like that to limit your potentials. There is greatness in each and every one of us. You do not need doubters sometimes to bring you down.

“How will you know how far you can fly, if you did not spread your wings”. ?

It is always so hard for me to say no even when I know that I will not honor that request. It does not make me weak or a make me a liar. But it is all about pleasing the people. The feelings of letting anyone down have always been an issue with me, but not anymore.

Finally, I woke up today with a warm heart. A heart filled with compassion. It all started with reflections, seeing things that I had never seen before. How did I get here? I asked, Suffering a nervous breakdown and knowing when to say no will be a key to my success. I know there is a time in our lives when we need all the love. There also will come a time when  we will  surrender not because we are weak, but because the power of the people. The love of the people supersedes all things in the world.

Thank you all for showing, giving me all these attention. I promise to do better. Moving forward, I will put others first like I would want to. Speak nothing but the truth in love. I will not back down; but I will move forward with my message of hope and love.

Finally, I will say a big thank you to John for your wonderful seminar yesterday. Thank you INC magazine for your wonderful article directing me to go back and  re-focus. I thank you so much.  My greetings to MIT, HBR and My Alma mater The University of Georgia, for feeding me with the entire articles geared towards my success. Thank you Alexis too, for without you all these could not have happened. I am sure these people will be wondering why!  How? But there are words that are never the same.

Tomorrow 11/11/13 I will embark on a spiritual journey with Oprah and Deepak. This is one of the spiritual journeys that will help me to become the person I would love to become. I have attended some of these since I have been here on line. I have had the best amazing eight months of my life. A life that has often ended and defined by the four walls of classrooms filled with students that were still searching.

I have seen it effects on my life. I have been in this situation in my life before. It started from Africa, but the death of Princess Diana in 1997 when I came here totally changed my life. Growing up, I wasn`t always close around people . I was not mean to anyone either, but there is always a wall. A wall that is so tall. This wall has saved and it would have also ruined my life. Call me a liar if you can. I know who you are. But the last thing I will do is to lie to anyone. I have other important things to do than to impress people that could care less about what I have to say. But ask me any question. Tell me how I can improve. I want to share my knowledge with the world. It will take the right people to guide me. Show me ways to be a better human being.

I promised that after this journey, my life will never be the same. It all starts from you, you, and you, and all of you. Thank you so much Jeff Groins for all that you do. Regards to all, and most importantly, it could not have happen if not for my breakdown and the ability to learn when to say no to everything that I do not necessarily need.  Have a wonderful day. How and when have you come to a certain realization if you have? How do you see beyond perspectives? I will like to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “Seeing Beyond Purlieu 1.

  1. I’m so sorry you have been so ill Nkechi… It does sometimes take a very serious thing to happen in our lives to realize just what is important and what is not… I wish you healing and pray for your total recovery…. My daughter when she was 10 had an anaphyladtic reaction when she was having a test done in a hospital and she was injected with a ‘dye’…. and it is serious.

    Be well…. take care…. Diane

    1. I did not know how serious anything can be. If this is all it will take. I will welcome it. It has been a struggle. The steroids is keeping me awake a little bit. Diane thank you so much..Love you with all my heart.

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