The Six Reasons Why People Fall For Shortcuts

As someone who lives in the real world, have friends who are real and working, I think it is time to get things straight. Before I said, “What will happen when you drop out?” Now we will look at things that throw them off. Why people fall for short cuts. It is a trend .It is a pattern.

1 Over time, students begin to focus on how to pay their student loans. As someone who has about 53 thousand in student loans, I totally get it. But the sooner you worry less about that instead of school now, you can apply for scholarship that no one will expect you to pay back. Many schools now have means that can help you pay your school fees, so stop worrying and start reading. Forget about student loans. It is often easy to worry about student loans; just don’t worry and miss out on the schooling itself.

2 Do not get caught up with buying a home when you cannot afford it. One of the biggest problems in American culture today is the environmental culture. Where you live determines how far you can go in life. If your environment is positive, you will have a positive outlook in life. If you get caught up in a gang-related neighborhood, your children will be affected. The problem here is if you buy a home in a neighborhood that does not promote learning, your children will fall back. One of the greatest lessons came from studying sociology. I learned more about environments than anything else. I have been living in an apartment for years. The good news is that because I have my children’s education at heart, I will hop around to live at least where they will have a decent school.

If you buy that house, how sure are you that you will sell it when the time comes for you to move? What do you do when your home-school or your children’s school falls into a non-performing but failing school? What if you do not have a car to transport them to and fro? Then if you are in  minority, it will be difficult to sell anything due to stereotypes that I never want to get into. I have been affected by it , everyone has sometimes too whether you are white, black or Asian. So do not buy if it is not necessary. Be like me, float, enjoy and be free. Buying a home is not maintaining a home. You must be prepared for it.  Half of the things I hear all the time is, “What of  people that went to school, where are they?” I have my own house. We all need a means of looking at real-life issues.  Buying a house, especially when you are so young, will disrupt your plans. The thought of paying your mortgage is not good for your academics. Academics need a stress-free life to be effective.

3 Avoid a business education. Getting a college education will equip you better with real-life issue.  To go to college or not to go should not be a question. Get it first. Technical or business should be on your list last because you pay higher at those schools; they have low graduating rates. You get stuck with huge student loans with huge interest that even accumulates while you are still in school. You stay in debt. The more education you have, the more ability you have to solve the problem. I was once in a business conference, and I am not calling their name. Their belief was that you go to college to help rich people make money. Well somehow they are right, but that is not the reason for going to school. What they imply is that college only teaches you how to work for the rich people; well that is not how I see it. I look at myself that I can work anywhere and make any convincing argument about what needs to be done. College will prepare you mentally. It can even give you an option of doing any job without feeling ashamed of yourself. Most educated people are good at what they do because they can work both their job and other people’s job. But when you are working with a limited option, you cannot become satisfied, so put that into consideration

4 Secondly, avoid a recruiting job at all costs, especially for a community college. Half of the problems young students go through are settling in a dead end job.  Here is why.  Most students are often attracted by this job of talking to incoming students. Don’t get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with that, but you will spend more than usual time going to recruit students that you will actually study. No teacher will give you good grades because you are a recruiter. Instead the best job to do while at school is working in the lab. The math lab, English, library and other jobs  that are so flexible, it will give you time to study. Remember while you are in a college, your time is so precious; therefore, use it well. If you are in a community college, there is no way you can make it knowledge-wise without moving to a 4-year college. But you know what most times students are attracted by the recruiting job that they easily forget to complete their college. You have to recruit yourself first before recruiting someone else. Recruiting involves a lot of communication, time and strenuous hours that will not help you to study. Studying requires discipline that oftentimes you start losing your grades, and then next is becoming a full time recruiter. They best job to do in college is probably to work in labs and teaching jobs, all those jobs that will give you time to study,

5 What will it take you to take your normal exam?  Do you know that the time you spent at technical school would have been used in a college, even if it a community college. At technical college you have so much to pay since they are all private schools and most of their credits do not transfer to another state college when you need it.  Please try and avoid a vocational training institute. One, they are a private school. They will not ask you for a GED, but later you will find out that you will have limited job to do with a lot of student loan. Try and go to a public college, especially a community college. Take your normal exam s. The problem is that when you are ready to go to a public school, you will find that your credits will not transfer and your student loan is huge, then you need another job to keep up.  When I took English as a second language and after one year, I was ejected from Kennesaw state University. Instead of going to a technical  college, I moved from a 4-year college where the pace was quick to a community college where I started at my pace. I was able to pass my English  a second language and move on to a college course. Remember it is easy to see what you’re doing right than what you are doing wrong. Stay the course. Move on to a school that you can transfer their college classes. Avoid schools that you cannot transfer their college classes.

6 The problem of working your way up. Do you know that working your way up does not make sense? Why because the same employer will forget all the years you put in to hire more and younger college graduates. Do not go and get a job at a your local store and expect to work your way up the ladder: this is where someone will convince you to work your way up. Well the bad news is there will be many more students coming up, well equipped that before you work your way up, the job will no longer be available to you.

Do not get your next full time job in your nearest fast food place. If you can avoid it, please do. It is good to work in a restaurant while you are still in college, but the problem is that most times the easy money, tips, the attractions often give us doubt whether it will be worth going to college. The hours may be flexible now, but when you have children, it may not. We have all been there; it is very tempting to buy a house at 16, married the same year with a child, and a job. Make sure you have a plan, especially when you bring children into this world, then you will find out that you are no longer going to have flexible hours. The baby will become an issue and that money you think you have will not be there.Tell me what you think. This is a plea from a an inconsistence college student.

For the past two years, I have sabotaged my schooling to stay in a dead-end job. My job takes a lot out of me, takes my energy; it is filled with negative people but I continue to stay because I fear that if I leave…that’s it for me, I am old now (late 30s). I will be knocked off my safe tray. My thoughts race, in fear, I can’t really tell you why I keep in this cycle, I have dropped several courses over the past few years and set myself back in my degree, immensely. My true desire it to take a year off. Kassandra


2 thoughts on “The Six Reasons Why People Fall For Shortcuts

    1. Thank you Diane. Yesterday I saw another girl where I went to the hospital. Her tears brought me to all the things I knew before. Children are suffering. They had no clue how to move on. I wish I can do anything about it. We will continue to help in anyway we can. Thank you Diane for all your support.

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