Shortcuts And Why It Should Be Avoided? Understanding Childhood And Poverty

If you listen well, what causes poverty in children is so many. Often times due to some parents’ lack of education and strong discipline, children fail short in their own potential. The idea to quit school or not to quit school starts creeping in.Then grows as time progresses. The harder the school materials become, the easier for them to quit (the importance of early childhood education).

As parents, there is so much in parenting that makes or does not make sense, especially when things like education become overwhelming to them. Sadly, when things get tough along the way, students start to make up excuses why they will no longer continue if they started to struggle earlier in academics. Things get worse too when they find companionship with some of their buddies. To them nothing about school makes life worth it. They make a mockery of college graduates. They fall asleep on a good couch while dreaming about a million bucks.

At least now, there is no road to shortcuts. It is what it is. Shortcuts because of its disadvantages create agonies, uneasiness in children, and adults in particular. To reduce the number of students who dropout each year, what a parent sees is different from what outsiders see. Parents should see it coming.

With boys, they are content with what they have by getting a job at the nearest fast food place. The problem is that getting a job at a fast place is only good when one is young and or if you are the manager later on. My first job was at C,C you heard it right. There was always some sort of dysfunction going on. Everyone was a manager, literally. The money is low and does not have any purchasing power. As a young person, you cannot feed yourself and your family with the money coming from there not that it is not possible but it is hard.

With girls, they tend to replace their education with raising children. But the problem is that when those kids start to grow, they will need you to help them, but a modern day high school dropout cannot do so much regardless of how much conviction you have. Surviving is no longer based on conviction but by actions.

Our ambition will be to get them to know what happens when shortcuts happen. I think the idea for everyone  now is to make them stay, find incentives that could make them stay, is it an understatement to term a shortcut a very simple version of life? It means short-term goals. What do you do after you drop out of school? Does it solve any problems? No, probably not. At least, according to Coleman,college board president  At the university of Georgia , who was  emphasizing that despite the rising costs in student loan yet  ”

College education is one of the best investments students and their families can make in terms of health, income, and upward mobility”.

The hardest thing for anyone to do is easy to create a fast moving life in a very short period of time. What happens at the end will leave you helpless. Before you go through it, think about all the time you will have to waste. Think about the frustrations; think about coming close but failing short. At the end you will have more time to waste. You will also have time to become angry at life at every menial job you have, knowing how annoying it becomes. You do not want to live every moment with regret, Life is precious; do not waste it.

In reality, it is easy to imagine a big house, a big car, and even a very big neighborhood in our heads, the fasciation that goes with a new car becomes enormous directly making some students rethink schooling. But remember that it takes a lot of sacrifices to get there. You just do not get it with just a thought process; rather, it involves plans and efforts which do not come through shortcuts.

You cannot sabotage your school for your immediate satisfaction. You cannot make a living by working in low paid job; don’t get me wrong. And not that people are still not doing it  but take out time and ask them how they are doing, What do you get by working there? You work with people that will find it easy to manipulate you. They make you think you have an issue. They are all over the place; my question is why would you sacrifice your comfort for a job that makes you uneasy?

Discovering the truth when you drop out:

1 Dropping out is so easy, but you will end up in a job that will make you more frustrated. The expectations are always too much. Most of those supervisors will not give you any opportunity to explain yourself. Remember you are working with people that could care less about if you lose your job or not. They want you to be fired, and they are not hiding their feelings about it. You are set up to fail. So please make use of your time while you are still young.

2 Dropping give you hours to work, but your family will be suffering as you walk longer and longer hours with no end at sight. Now technology has changed the way we see things. At that too, studying one subject or being a master of one job is no longer a fashion.  Not to brag, but I started with journalism. I took general studies in college, ended up with business administration, studied sociology and literature, and spent 3 years doing science. I am still in college; that is why nothing moves me. You have to be able to prove that you can survive in a job which requires so much now. Let them laugh at you all they want, but knowledge is power.

3 “Do you know what I hate”? You may not save any money to take a vacation. I never had one either but at least there is hope.  You will always need to pay your house bill first. The same job will exhaust you, keep you in a cycle, take you out of your rhythm, and make you irrelevant. But those can be changed now. What are other ways to avoid shortcuts?

Recently there was an issue between a worker and McDonald if you want to read. Here is extra information


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