Not Afraid To Love

I`m not afraid to love
Because love is real
What it does is magnificent
It makes the world go round
love the life and all that is in it
I`m not afraid to love
Because even those who have found love
Never lose sight that it may disappear in a second
yet they continue
I `m not afraid to love
Good children are bred through love
With love we care for children
With love their despair vanishes
Their fear disappears
As we love them unconditionally
I`m not afraid to love
Though it`s  hard to say where it is going
or where it will end
When it starts in the morning and ends at noon
But whatever happens
At least you gave it a try

3 Responses

  1. Love does indeed make the world go ’round… and unconditional love is the best kind… Diane

    • Hi Diane. I miss you. How are you. I am glad you are feeling okay.
      Unconditional love is always the best.thank you so much

      • I’m doing somewhat better… my surgery is next week. I am just so tired and am so hoping after it’s done and healed and am sleeping better I will regain strength and be able to handle the other issue with our daughter….better…. Thanks Nkechi… Diane

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