Amicable Igloo

Still name your replacement

That is a personal touch

Often driven by success

Where often barricaded

The champion that you are

The Incontestable

The beauty, the joy

The ever shrinking joy

When and how, then and now

The moment of admiration just passes by

Your will no longer be in-between

You are forever free

The heaviness has been uplifted

Walk in the eyes of the people

Are you limitless?

What are your limitations?

What makes you happy?

The joy and all the things in-between

The best part of the world

They know the truth

you too know the truth

There is always a way to say my friend

Your are perfect, good enough, but you are…?


The best part of the world is living a life not alone but by a purpose. We all have a different path to succeed and success to even write. What makes sense to you may not make sense to another person . The most impressive world that we have been giving is the world that identifies the human aspect. No one can run away from it. It speaks rhythm through the ears. When you  love the people in it. There is so much to discover.

There is also truth in the identification of all individuals. The human body thrives when they feel loved. But what happened when you furiously looked for love. You may or may not get what you want whether you are curious about it or not. People’s lives are different. The challenges that we all face are different. The road to understanding who we are is also different. There is difference even in the air we breathe. But what makes sense is the universe. What makes sense is you, me, and all the other people working so hard to identify who they really are. Discovering your own purpose can help you make sense of this universe.


I welcome any comments

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