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Creativity in his infinite mercies will guide us.There should be a separation from the  noise for one to be highly effective in creating words around here . I have encountered more problems than I had ever imagined. I will never hurt anyone.There was so much going on here in the name of everything, race, religion, and marketing.I am just worried about the children and  what type of world they are  going to grow up into. I refuse to be what I am not. I have said twenty times I am not angry,and will never be angry. Lord, let there be peace that has no boundary. Like most sociologist will tell you don`t be surprise when someone looked at you in the face and said you are angry, sad, and heavy hear-ted.I knew it was coming. As a sociologist too, I hated it. It was in my face the whole 6months that I was writing. I fought it as much as I could, but it kept coming. “What if I tell any child to go and get a degree in sociology”. Will that save them?  Noaefame. This answer was based on a question.


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  1. Anger doesn’t make anything better but worse. So unfortunate we have to experience anger if not all the time but most often than we will like.

    1. You know how things come up here sometimes. You know me more than anyone at here. I am a happy and a passionate person. Thank you for reading.Life is a lesson

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