Help Me Reach My Potential And Help The Children

Help Me Reach My Potential And Help The Children

On June 28th, I signed up with Friesen Press to begin the process of publishing my full-length collection of poetry, short stories and probably my biography. My dream work by Friesen Press, I am very excited. It is still a dream long yet to be fulfilled.

Over the last eight months when I started blogging, I never knew that I would begin to publish a book so early. I know that it is a welcomed idea, and I will put in my best work to make it a success.

Now the money for the publisher, even with the discount they gave me, I am yet to collect the whole amount. I still have a long way to go.

Someone might ask, “Why?” traditional publishing. Well poetry is unfortunately one of those things that if you are a new author to be, you will need all the guidance and the editing that traditional publishers will provide.

Secondly, this poetry will serve as a charity, if it is well done. I plan to donate some to schools and the library.

I will need your help to make this a success. I will need to raise money to put it in perspective.

I will be collecting the funding  slowly as I have set up a Go funding account which has turned out to be “not so fun finding help.” This idea was given to me through one of my trusted friends. I always  find it so difficult to raise money because I am not so confident when it comes to asking for money. I have also suffered greatly for my shortcomings, especially if it has to do with money. Secondly nothing scares me like the scrutiny that comes with charity. I will continue with the publishing as soon as  I have part of the money as we are  working on a date.

I have enjoyed writing, and I am so glad that people are reading it.

I hope this is the beginning of something new. I will work hard to make sure that I put in my best effort.

Why would you be part of this?

 You do not have to do it, but please, it will be highly appreciated if I could get some help.

First, I am still a student with roughly $63.000 in student loans.  Between raising children and going to school, it has been very hard to do  anything.

Secondly, I have tried to get a loan to run this place to no avail. And I cannot claim Non profit yet because I have  been blogging  for only  eight months. From what I know now, this is  not yet a business because according to AZSBDC, It takes a year to register anything as a business.

Thirdly,  my other blog, which I did not know anything about those sites when I  decided to  relocate  my blog has been given me  a lot of trouble. I have spent so much time worrying about that site than doing the actual writing. I have  done some work there that I have yet to publish but cannot because the text does not come out right. I have tried to explain the frustrations I was going through, but I wasn’t quite making my case. I was also telling those who had made up their minds not to understand me. Not because they do not like me, but they think they have better plans for me.

Therefore I would like the upgrade from WordPress that will allow me to raise some money here on my own.  I can make cards and  sell them here to raise some money too.

This blog at  cannot do that. You cannot raise money on a free  site as I have come to understand,

And lastly. I am a mother of four little girls. I still have to help them financially, so I decided to go back to school full time by January 11th  to start  my  nursing degree. A science course that I started three years ago, but the progress I made from now on will determine if I will waive the school for another semester to help me publish the book. My husband and I are still in school. With extra money in my pocket, I will help our family, buy a new computer, buy a phone which I do not have. I will do so much for my charity which I hope to set up very soon.  And most importantly, this is how the American dream is realized.

Help me as I have just embarked on this journey. We are expecting to raise $1000 dollars.

In 2012  I lost my father. The significance of this was that I did not see him for 15 years because of the distance and lack of finances from me. The truth is that I open up this blog to  grieve. The pain was so much that I let it all out here. It was liberating at the same time. I knew I had other things to share, but the out pouring of support was so  much until I started writing poetry. Then my Christian community abandoned me which was another whole story.

The good news is that I always have a backup plan. For example, If I did not raise money to go to Africa, I will wait till when I can afford it.  Secondly, I still have option to continue with my classes in  college. It is easy for me to stay in school than to survive outside the school environment. Going to Africa Next year will be a dream come through especially if I can travel with my children, if not we will waite.

I hope all of you will help me and get there. I have gotten help from all the wonderful people on internet. I am so honored for all the care. I hope to continue to write every day. I have gone through so much trying to do it on my own. I will continue to seek help both emotionally and spiritually. You can help by clicking on the link to donate for a good cause. Thank you for even considering to do this.

In the long run, I have three ideas to write: I hope to write a book that will be useful to the community as I was helped reading other people`s.


I welcome any comments

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