The EVer Changing Tide

What changes do the mind needs?
How fearless can our endless dreams foretold?
What actions are berated?
Who is this piece that puts us together.
How else can you judge?
what are your fears?
What are your endless journeys?
When you rose up at night
why are you still seeking?
the journey is in the heart
It can also be in the brain
Don`t let your voice take you away from the rhythm
The light of perfection is not in your eyes yet
the word of wisdom has not let you down
the bottle of wisdom is splattered all over the lane
 Just adjust to make the most out of it
What  do you see beneath the yard?
Where do the road lead to your success
who you are cannot escape you
when is the town coming close to thee?
When do we come to certain realization
why do we surrender?
Everything passes us by
yet infusion of heart yet divine
Let your endurance statue began
Fearless intrusion
Ever wonderer
Light of affection
When can we go back and dive
Be unwavering, calm, and unruffled.



I welcome any comments

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