We`ve Been Run Over By Storm

What is wrong with doing what is right?
Which way, light, sunshine for our young generation
Is there a way of salvaging our nation from these backward souls?
The influx of epidemic,
Expecting to take over the moral souls  that binds the earth
Who are you to tell me that there is something wrong with my thinking?
Think about the root of Dysfunction in this world now.
Will it ever stop?
Always something reminding us that we are not the same
It comes from afar, distance, below, under and everywhere
It rears its ugly head
Knocking at every opportunity
It takes our feelings away
At one another brittle be
You are mine; I am yours.
Help me! The door is open
How can you see?
The sign
Ever changing thoughts and ideas
Come here; you are mine. Stay here you are fixed
Tell me about it
Reckless revenge
Till presaged or by experience learned
Try not to speak evil, lest thou be castigated
whether Speaking, hush, or indifferent, stay firm
But rather build hope that will forever outshine all these humans’ iniquities

I welcome any comments

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