5 Things Every Blogger Should Consider Doing

According to Leban and Zulauf, today`s business environment is changing tremendously due to economic forces that have resulted in the redesign of systems to decrease cost, the need to speed up production development, and the focused attention on satisfying customers (2004, 3p. ). How scary does this sound?

Then if you are a blogger competing with other companies for similar interests, plans may be tough. First, you perhaps do not have adequate capital to begin. Secondly, the need to satisfy customers will be so tough depending on what you are marketing. Then the questions you should be asking yourself are: How are you coping? Do you have all the income to hire all the right people that will help you to grow your business? If not, do you have plans for funding your blog? How do you run a blog? And finally, where do you start?

Before, I was 100% sure that no one was worrying about all this, but information technology has opened our eyes from the way we see things. Reading has become very cheap as a result of that too; it may have also shifted our attention to what may not have been necessary, if you ask me. Before, one could write, and just write, without worrying about the fear that has to do with skill, customers, and marketing. Who knew that it would come back to this head scratching? The good news is that once you have decided to write, there are amazing people online who are ready to guide you on what is necessary and things you should know.

The reality is that everybody’s problem is different. Your level of technical prowess determines also how effectively you will be online here regardless of other convictions you might have had.  It is a scary world out there, a lot to know and learn. Oftentimes there is only a little that most coaches can explain to people who probably depend on them for guidance. As a blogger, so many things will not make sense until you start to put all you are learning Into practice. Then the pressure not to feel as a failure is there too. It pushes you also to take actions so that you do not feel like a joke. It pushes you to take actions that will open more doors and create awareness. It then sets you up too to fail if care is not taken. Have you heard the word, “Adapt or go home?” Recently I decided to attend the Generating Leads and Sales of 2013 Technology and Small Business Symposium, the social media event of the year here in Phoenix, Arizona.

1 Inside the event, the speakers spoke passionately about becoming a leader. Referring to our state Governor Brewer, becoming a leader may sound normal and real, but in the actual sense, it is not. Become a leader is something one has to master and be ready to carry out.  Here is what an expert said about leadership. According to Leban, leaders engaging in transformational behaviors have been shown to produce a variety of positive outcomes in organizational settings which led me to ask, “How does writing online incorporate leadership?” I know you will be disappointed as I was too. Well probably because we still deal with readers that could eventually turn into customers. I was stunned. It takes effort, patience and understanding. In reality, a leader tells you what you need to know. She or he will do it without thinking about how people will react to it. This is no different from online. With more and more people using the internet now, it is very essential to evolve into new things. Like they told us, what you will learn here today will help you to advance, give you avenues to succeed. At the end of the symposium, everything they said began to make sense. It was very emotional as things began to unfold.

2 The importance of connecting locally

How many people even think about connecting locally when they start a business? Connecting locally gives you a start from scratch. People will ask you a question that will make you think. Like, have you registered your business? How long did you start the business? How do you plan to market your business? From connecting locally, I realize that it takes a year for one to even register as a nonprofit while I have been claiming nonprofit for my blog. Secondly, it takes extra work to register one`s business. From there I learned something about writing and doing business online that I would not have known. I would not have thought about connecting locally. In the last three months, somebody asked a question from WordPress. Do you start locally or with the states nationwide? Before I went to this symposium I thought that was a bad question, but now, yes you can connect locally. Connecting locally may be the best feeling you may ever have in your entire year of blogging. There is a feel to it and is very important to what you’re trying to do.  Connecting locally will help you to grow. According to Richard Branson, “The first step on the road to success is building a network. To start, attend industry events and meet key players; join regional business associations, and learn about local market conditions. Also remember that you can meet potential mentors at schools, clubs, and business groups.” That is so true, and it is an eye opener.

3 The importance of keeping up with your connections

Yes you heard it right. In this symposium, Gelia Alkhenblit spoke passionately about not keeping up with the connections. What use is it if you collect all these cards and do not use it? To her all these events will make no sense if you do not use all the cards that you collected. Connect for more connections; her project networkingphoenix.com is the number one searched engine in Phoenix. Keeping and maintaining all the connections are another important part. How will you know if you do not try? It works if you only give it a try. Guess what? After the convention, I have been visiting more and more people, using the cards, and making connections locally. I have more and more local events to attend. From connecting locally I found out about other options like public speaking. He even bluntly told me that you can never sell your art very cheap. Make them value your work by charging money. “How?” I asked. Well I will teach you what he said. Knowing and taking action is part of learning. What have you done to improve your understanding of blogging online?

4 Importance of legitimacy and how to recognize it

The highlight of the whole symposium was when a Go Daddy representative was explaining legitimacy. For most writers it will make sense when you truly understand how it works. For those leading you too, it can become very frustrating if you are not following their direction.  It was more about collaboration; to me, there is no way any writer could have explained this to anyone; some things are rather said by the experts. With legitimacy you find yourself in other people’s blog without knowing why, how, or when; there you get more confused as you try to catch up. With more doors opening, the greater there is confusion. It was like running outside while it is raining, but like I heard, there was a science behind that. But for me, it really made sense as I began to understand how and why things are done.

5 Another speaker, Ron Cates, one of the country`s top email and social media marketing experts repeated the importance of growing your email and social media.


Well if he said that you will hear it from here, email marketing is not going anywhere. It was said before, but start building your email lists. But before I had been to webinars and they had repeated the importance of email marketing, I was looking at my blog, the wall, and my back; between us, who was going to read it? Will I annoy the crap out of people? Those are my fears. But after the symposium, it makes sense that if you understand how legitimacy works, then you should quit worrying and start building. Finally, you will understand email marketing and social media. He gave out ways to make your email not to appear annoying by testing the water first. Try weekly or monthly; whichever works. But very importantly, email marketing is not going anywhere.

“Do not write too much,” he said, as no one will read them. Mix it up with visuals. Make it short and sweet. I was just listening, realizing everything I had thought in the past. I had wondered why a post about cute dogs got more likes than a full blown article. Now I know why. Everything began to make more sense. I felt a great sense of relief, mistaken illusion.

Finally, I get it. I gave up and decided I will take my time to learn all the necessary things that I need to know. Technology does not come so easy for most people. Probably the most surprising thing I had heard all along was about their own definition of blogging. I finally realized what I have been suspecting all along. It is what it is. How can we overcome this nightmare as I tag it? But still according to Leban, “The complexity of business will continue to accelerate, and the matrix organization structure is well suited to handling increasingly complex business environments” ( 2013, 6p. ). But then blogging is not going anywhere; the complex business environment is huge online. Then you must adapt or die. Finally my plan now moving on is to finish my book. I think I now understand it . I hope you too can take it for what it is. There are  powerful forces here and everywhere. But do not say I told you. What is your own idea of blogging? we can share Ideas here.



4 thoughts on “5 Things Every Blogger Should Consider Doing

  1. Blogging to me was and is never about business or marketing but I understand that for some it possibly could be a way to make some income. No…to me it is about connecting with others …sharing…information, stories etc. I have met some wonderful people ..and so many that I consider friends…. such as you Nkechi.. .. Diane

    1. That is why I find it so hard to attach business to it.. It has been a struggle to start with. I am sure you know but everything is changing. I love to write but I have also met all the wonderful people through blogging. Although it is becoming hard to maintain a blog now. But overall, I love to write but trust me , If you want a mega blog now , you got to start somewhere. Diane I do not think you have energy for that now.

      1. You’re right …at this time I find it hard because of fatigue to read many blogs… and am only writing occasionally… I so hope to begin to feel somewhat normal in the not to distant future… Diane

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