Time Out; Welcome Back Memory

Here we go again
A lonely farce
Bred up with time dilemma
No direction even from the waves
As I ponder and shuddered shy from the sky
Now was another long day
Extended than it was a day before
Sleeping and flying at point range
Who are you?
 Where are you?
Reflecting on a childhood
Mare with chaos
Revisited from the briny
Where I had lead,
So many orders, tall orders
Community property
Here you come
Remembering places, moments, situations,
Identified by me
Now you want to silent her
Then suddenly back
O”yes lead thy way
Thank you for watching over me
 I lost my direction 4 years ago
I welcome direction
Never gain
You deserters
Threatening the children with your weak voices
Scary thoughts mortared on the barrier yet again
My memories wake up again.
There is the world
Here are the oppressors
Possibilities yet again.

I welcome any comments

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