The Joy Of Writing

The joy of writing is to write so that people can learn something from the writer. Writing can bring hope; it can also bring in new ideas. Writing can bring in money, but oftentimes people really do not see any work in blogging. People ask me all the time, “Why do you write poetry?” To me it is simple. Poetry is the only way I know how to reduce tension with hope it does so for others .

As a young girl growing up in Nigeria Africa, part of what gave me hope was reading poetry .By reading poetry, I was able to see the world beyond my own universe.

I was introduced to pain early due to the loss of my mother which also made it easy for me to walk stronger even when there was a problem that I was not able to control. Poetry is a verse written to inspire a thought and does just that. Here is another reason a writer writes

“A writer lives, at least, in a state of astonishment. Beneath any feeling he has of the good or evil of the world lies a deeper one of wonder at it all. To transmit that feeling, he writes.” William Samson

 The joy of writing is  to  clarify these distinctions between technical writing and non-technical writing. I have recently said it loud and clear that writing for the ear is different than writing for the eyes, “Hello shoppers.” Nonfiction writers like us uses real people, settings, and plots to convey actual events.

Mystery is also a suspenseful event that is not solved until the end of the story. Most times now people do not even wait anymore for the suspense to happen.  Now also we are in the world of technology where most traditional writers are not really as effective as they should be because people want free stuff including myself.

Not only that they want free stuff, but they expect every writer to be a technical writer which is totally unfair. It is very depressing to always convince anyone that we do not need to add three cents to every thought. Now the only way one can give out things is if one is selling products. As poets, and nonfiction writers we sell words. But no wonder sometimes people fail to understand that inside poetry there are always messages of hope, perseverance and having a great attitude in everything we set out to do. I write to pull emotions; I write for empowerment. Here is what another writer said about writing too

“Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.” Cyril Connolly

The joy of writing is that no one knows everything. Whether you are a poet, traditional or technical writer, no one knows everything. A writer must be learning, reading every day. In an effort to figure out ways to help myself online, I recently went to a 2013 small business symposium, the social media event of the year; here in Phoenix, Arizona. The symposium brought in a lot of marketing gurus. It also brought in a number of spokespeople from all the 41 networking corporations. I was shocked about things I learned and will continue to grow as a person, both socially and emotionally. I learn so much which has also compounded my fears too. Recently too I have discovered great distinctions between blogs and some of my new opinion writers at news magazines. The whole thing is now making sense, and I still feel this sense of entitlement. I belong there mentality. Now that I know, I will ether move up there or just see how I can run this blog without any problems. Now that I know, I will readjust, but also some people would have spent another year trying to figure stuff out that is for the joy of writing.

The joy of writing is that the more one discovers things, the more they will adjust to things. I have recently become very much aware of how things are done on the internet. It is scary beyond words. Each time I screamed out loud, I was also thinking about the next child coming up. Are they ready? The world is moving faster, with new ideas, new solutions. The more they come, the more confused they are becoming too. Then I also say to myself, if after 15 years of doing all the right things, following directions and working very hard, yet I am still struggling, what about all the other children that will drop out of school before they turn 14 years of age? I see complication; I see a divided world; I see a more detailed world. I also see kind people. I also noticed that more and more people are becoming mentors online. In addition to that, more people are willing to help the next available individual. What did that tell you about the world? It is not bad at all. How far do you want to go?

The joy of writing is that one will definitely meet like-minded individuals. A lot has happened to me recently that I should let you know. Recently I have been all over the internet writing, commenting on all the News media, making my mark. I have also been receiving a lot of job offers too, thank you all. Recently, I have been given an opportunity to work as a creative writer, but I have to weigh in the options too. Why?

Because writing is a big  business. It requires time and efforts too. As a writer, I will love to give it my hundred % but most times when you are a mother of four children under 13 years of age,  the decisions you make may not make so much sense. Right now the only way I can relocate is if my husband will quit his job which I cannot see happening. I will also like to help young people with reading.I will like to  Show them ways to improve their life’s.

Although internet has changed a lot recently making reading now to become fast  in pace. The instructions are changing overtime too. Then unfortunately, we have  a lot of people into marketing, and technical writing.  The terminology and the writing skills are different too. As a nonfiction writer, I have struggled with this version of writing. It looks very crispy and well rehearsed as I have been trying to master it. I do not know what it will do to the vulnerable, those  that I am trying to work with. Life is much tougher than just plain buy and sell. My idea here is not to bring down people`s  opinions, but it is hard to follow all the stipulations and guidelines that I have seen recently.

As a freelance writer too, I should have embraced these new rules which involves the skills of marketing too. It is not going to come overnight. It will take efforts and serious tasks to get it done. But If I have 100% control of my life now. If there is another source of keeping up with this blog,  I will stick with the writing. It is very comfortable to write, but if I do not make any money here, there is no way I can run this blog. I have also included some additional information on writing from other famous writers on why they write. Without connections a work of a nonfiction writer is in vain. I appreciate all the love and kindness. I will love to go a head and publish my Book if only I can afford it now.

Why do you write? How has writing evolved over the years.

Finally according to  Martin Buber on why he writes I And Thou,

When I drafted the first sketch of this book (more than forty years ago) I felt impelled by an inner necessity. A vision that had afflicted me repeatedly since my youth but had always been dimmed again, had now achieved a constant clarity that has evidently supra-personal that I soon knew that I ought to bear witness of it.  he also found occasion to clarify the crucial vision by means of examples.

15 Famous Authors on Why They Write


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