The Final Episode

 A writer to watch

 The most impressive blogger

Sun and the moon aren’t the same

But each compliments one another

Moon zooms if you ask any astronomers

Sun does differently but shouts if it musts.

Life is multifarious


What`s uniform is frightened?

Why is it scary? Because it is not simple

Wisdom offers simple schemes

Knowing the truth too is multifaceted

And frightening

The taste for truth is an acquired taste that few learned


Untruth is too easy to come by, too cheap for celebration

Writing distortions are what most people find refreshing

Do you?

Be careful for the words you choose

Somebody boldly wrote “A failure”and handful clapped

Awesome writers Hit “Like” 56 times

Be careful what you now like and celebrate.

It may come back to speak your words


Inhuman, where do we go from here?

Injustice never stops to amaze

You have no right to call no man a failure

Even the most tasteful writers never ensured

Is it easy to live by riotousness?

Is it easy to live by the truth?


Practice freedom, veracity, reality,

Not castigation. Criticism, Nepotism, discrimination, favoritism demanding, hatred

Let the future generation of writers

Write with conscience. Speak the truth, and lead the way.

And most importantly educate those who

Have no knowledge of what you are saying to them.



6 thoughts on “The Final Episode

  1. I believe this to be an important message, visionary even. It reminded me of some statistics on reading and economy. The Top 10: most read books in the world. You’ll find: The Da-Vinci Code, Harry Potter, and The Twilight Saga in amongst others. I’m not a purist, I think these books have their place; however, it does go to show today’s readers, and even writers, are going for mass appeal–at the expense of truth, and art.

    Readers are not as aware what makes for good writing, all beit good poetry. We are losing the ability to critically connect with some of humanity’s best works: I’m thinking of sonnets, and great pieces like “The Wasteland” “Howl” etc..

    A very thought provoking entry! I particularly like the declaratory element to it. “The taste for truth is an acquired taste that few learned”

    1. It is frustrating especially with poetry. We are all learners, We hold every writer accountable to speak nothing but the truth.. Now people especially internet has taking away the vision, the truth, the honesty that only arts brings. We are left with how much money did you make today. We go for mass appeal.Often times they do not even know what you are saying, what you are talking about at least to connect with your message, It is sad, but we still have artist that are keeping up with the art, i am glad I just discovered your blog.

      1. It is sad. It was the Beat writers who formed out of 1950s capitalism, it was the renaissance that brought about education; but, today with so many resources, with 1000s of years of literature at our finger tips, what gets our attention? Memes, cats, funny videos, clichés, and people pleading for likes. It’s slightly baffling. The internet should encourage art, and give way to new collaboration and art. One thing hasn’t changed: Humanity’s desire to be understood, and noticed.

        We have to maintain the vision 😀
        I’m glad to find yours also!

  2. Well, we all know how important art has been and what role it has played in life as a whole. Things have and will continue to change that will affect important things like art unfortunately.

    1. I think so too, but there are certain trust and understanding that should be shared among writers. Sometimes things may change within a minute. Art requires us to watch and express and finally to share the truth to the best of our knowledge. But often times it does not work that way too , But we should all try and focus on the problems in the world, how we can help one another and not necessary picking on each other. Art should also be about sharing knowledge whether it happened to the writer or to a person he or she knows. But to call your fellow writer a name or derogatory name is not what art has thought me or even the most tasteful writers out there. . We have so many people writing and helping everyone out here, No one is perfect and we should hold that into account whenever we are writing. Thanks for your insight.

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