I do not know how I got this far.
All through the night
All things, all strata, all blues, singing reflecting,
Thinking, vibrating, insisting,
How did you come to this conclusion?
Spring life, a sadist, a drummer
No you are not, with a swift conviction
I have never been angry.
I know what it is. I am macho-nester liberation.
I can fly now if I want to
I can jump if time permits
I can cry if you know what I mean
The more I learn, the more I understand.
There is nothing like being normal
There is nothing normal about my life.
I am a boy, because I can be gracious if I want to
I am a girl too, be a snob if you let me,
I only cry if things make sense
Never cry because crying never solves our problems
Looking at what the world has taught me a yet another lesson
I never give anyone a chance to come to me
Silence that I have imbibed in me is now letting out the bag
Now I want to talk
Forgotten words, learning how to speak again
I have spent more years learning the world more than I can say
I refuse to bow out
My love for perfection has ruined everything
In life, get your lesson as people are here for you.
Be kind and embrace your new found love.
You are free at last.
Free from inner fear, fear of attack,
Fear of not knowing what will happen.
Rest assured because everyone is waiting for a perfect opportunity
To tell someone, “me too,” I feel like you too.

11 thoughts on “Metaphor?

  1. We will never know how we are where we are sometimes; however, there’s a being out there that’s watching and directing us if only we listen to him. So many times we try to do his work that’s why we end up failing, crying when things don’t go our way, disappointed ect….

  2. i must say if we all can come together and work for love , peace and kindness , we will grow stronger, cos one sentence i love says if u know how to communicate it makes u successful, i am looking for writers, sponsors and partners in my upcoming magazine new edition, if u are interested email me on or add me on facebook with chikere chineke chiemevolam

    1. It does make us feel better, I have been writing and I often struggled to let it out. But I do let it out. Thank you so much for reading.

  3. Hi! An interesting mix of images superimposed on top and beside each other. Like the myriad cry of the heart through an ever changing week, and season kept life. I sense juxtaposition, and paradox. I need to read it again.

    1. It is what poetry does. It brings out the best in our hearts.I hope it does so for others too. I appreciate your comments. It meant so much to me.

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