6 Ways You Can Make A Child Loves His or Her Books

For some children reading is fun,they can read without adult supervision, but for some kids reading is not fun and nothing can make them read. As parents, we are often the architect of what goes on in our homes. We allow our children to take on dance, volleyball, basketball, tennis and other sports. We put in all efforts to the things that we may have calculated that will give them joy in the future (Including myself). But it is also important to know that early reading instilled in children early in life`s, not just to pass exams, or do assignments. Reading helps children to see life as has been seen by other people. Mystery books helps them to the secret of solving mysteries which is the big part of writing. Half of the time what helped us in our homes was my children`s love for reading, which in part would not have been possible without our love for reading

1 Early childhood education plays a role, but not when you live in New York. I was watching the New York mayoral debate and was saying to myself dear God, please help those parents in New York to see that early child hood has nothing to do with money. It has so much to do with time, and dedication. Early child education takes very little initiatives, all the little plays, all the educative games the sightseeing, the grandmas, community involvement. It will also require two parent homes (those would be mayors are not saying this because they want to win elections too) because children get sick at that age. I did preschool runs for eleven years with all our four children ages,121/2, 10,8 and 5 years. It would not have been possible if not for my husband, our time, dedication, two cars to run up and down, gas money all those little things count. Preschools are not in typical settings because they usually  appoint them in certain areas  that is convenient for the community;  unless New York has a different system from other places.

I can only say about Georgia and Phoenix.  One parent need to be around in case the unexpected happens. Even if the government decided to send every kid to preschool the problem lies more on the parent than it falls on another person, If you put a child in a good school where the teachers encourage them to  practice one task a day , that will do it. If a child starts school as early as 3year old, they will learn to play with books. I often find it disturbing to see children that were put in day care where parents pay huge amount of money, yet the curriculum was centered on play, sleep and food. Was there anything wrong with that? No, but the problem is that when children do not start early. It is hard for them to catch up in kindergarten. Most of the children in the kindergarten are already ahead which makes it hard on the student who aren`t quite ready yet. Yes I have heard it that they have all their years to learn but if you do not show that excitement early it creates conflict. If you plan it very well, children are able to discover reading through their teachers

2 Reading becomes easier when parents love reading themselves (Tweet this if you agree with me) If you the parents love reading yourself, your children will develop the love for reading. Most wonderful children that I have come to know during my time around places, schools, churches playgrounds come from homes where parents initiated reading, but unfortunately some parents leave the reading to the teachers while they spend their time on non-educational games.  I have seen mothers who has confess to me that they hate school, their own parents did not bother them either and it hurts me greatly that such parents  will not find it fascinating to improve their children`s lives life through learning.

 In our house, my husband has spent years studying psychology, health management and counseling. We read even when we have nothing else to do. It is important as parents to make reading a habit. Children whose parents read to them at early stage of their life’s end up becoming good readers themselves. Children listen for sounds, noises and actions that capture their mind; child memory often goes back to when mummy or daddy read to them.

3 Reading for incentives. Now you can use online to know that there is nothing wrong with using incentives to attract people to read.  There are  often times when some children are hard to form the  habit, they read when  if only the teacher tells them to, I have one that comes to my house and tell me that he can only read if the teacher said so, But each time I gave him a big candy he will go back and bring out a book and start scribbling something just to make me happy.  Yes some children are like that but as parents just like giving them money when they did chores, we can also promise things that are accommodating, most libraries especially during summer have programs where children get prizes, some book store and other places As time passes when the child picks interest, you may find out that it may not be necessary anymore to bribe them. Think about online now, you can give incentive for people to come to your blog which is fascinating.

4 Reading should be for fun.  Even for people who really love reading and have cultivated the habit of reading. Reading long chapter books with big grammar can be challenging unless one introduces them with dictionary which is my favorite part yet.  Introduce kids to books that solve mysteries at early stage, books that deal with creating problems and how to solve them.  Abridged versions of any classic book can do it for any beginners until they are ready mentally.  If good stories make meanings, kids can learn from them. Kids like to know what happened at the end of a book. They want to know how it happened. My daughter was crying one day and told me about the book Wonder. It took me time to discover that that book was about emotion, and things we want our children to be. I read the book and was filled with Wonder myself. Also title of a book matters too, according to my daughter she said that although everyone says do not judge a book by its cover yet the book cover is attraction and can create buzz.  Children love popular books that have beautiful cover. They are often tempted to read it even if they do not want to. So getting your kids to a wonderful book cover and title can do it. Books with great Illustrations. Well this where everything about the book were said, often times the kids want to read a books and its illustration. Therefor making a trip to a book store like Amazon, com. Barnes and Nobles can sparks a child interest especially after they read the illustration on the back of the book

5 Persistence is the key to becoming good at reading: There are ways you can help a child to love to read a book. Try different kinds of books. Because they love to be in control. Ask them to pick their own book. Open a library account in their name. Give them authority to pick up book and keep track of their books. You can make reading persistently by limiting activities like dancing, sports, and other activities that creates a little confusion.Parents are more likely to put their children in more than three different sports activities. It is hard to put a blame on a parent choices for their children, it is also hard to see a parent registering their children in four to five different dance at one time.  You can limit their outings.Reading require time, efforts, and privacy. Exposing a child to many activities outside the school work do not help children.

Persistence means to give them reason to go back and pick up from where they stopped. How can you do this, you can try educative games like Reading eggs, it helps children to learn small letters and turn them into words. The ABC Mouse is also a combination of reading, writing, math, and arts. It is an educational website for kids that makes learning fun and easy.

Study Island is another educational and educative games that test children on what they are learning which also comes with great games. With persistence effort, kids will  find out that they become part of making decisions online. Like the idea of login in the computer, turning of the computer, and putting their ear plug is also interesting.We also found out that writing board is amazing. just give them dry erase marker, they will fall asleep on the board. That is how much they love it.

 6 Older siblings can also play a big Role.

Older siblings has the magic. They make reading so much fun and easy for their little ones. I have my 5 year old scrabbling for books when her sisters are always reading to her; she has books reading even though she cannot pronounce the words unless they are picture books. Recently, she went for her Dibble test to test her for kindergarten. The teachers found out that she was way ahead and began to ask her who is her teacher, she named all her sisters’ names those that has been teaching her but her mother. I was so proud of what my daughters are doing but remember, they are passing down the information they got from mommy.

 I believe children will follow our footsteps more than we ask them to.They copy us more than we know. What we show them will matter so much to them .What other ways can you inspire a child to love his or her books.


7 thoughts on “6 Ways You Can Make A Child Loves His or Her Books

  1. I think that it’s true that parents have a huge influence over whether or not their kids like to read. My parents have always been avid readers and would encourage us to read with/to them. I always feel sorry for people who say that they don’t like to read. They miss out on so much.

    1. Yes and that is why there is a huge gap in learning. Most parents do not like to read and they don`t encourage it either, Children spent time text in now instead of the real grammar. It is sad I have to write and explain poetry to people all the time.. Thank you for reading

  2. Yes parents should encourage their children as early as possible to read. At first we read to them and then we help them sound out the words themselves. It does so help them at every level in school…with grammar, spelling, speaking and studying… such a long-term effect! Diane

    1. Thank you. I think the politicians should also help people to understand that early childhood education should be a two way communication. thank you. . Yes it help them to learn early

  3. Thnx first of all for this post.. I’m not a big reader myself, but have always encouraged my girl to read.. I do tell her the importance of reading.. Most parents think the school shld do almost all the job for kids when it comes to education; but, I wonder if they know that our kids spent more time with us parents then the teachers…. So why shld that be? As a teacher’s aid couple of years ago, I was shock to hear and see some of the things parents told me……anyway we will keep praying for our future leaders.

    1. thank you. You are amazing mother. You have one of the most beautiful daughter to love. You see we can complain all we want, if we did not teach our children to read, they are not. They watch us, follow our footsteps. God will help us to see.

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