Time As A Factor

Well indeed
Your turn to ask question
I should ask questions too

Relying on your strengths will not cut it

Trace your steps, look backwards

Readjust your eyeball

Walk stronger, taller

Stride with balance

Pace with exuberance

Thru joy, with hope and optimism

Stroll with the right frame of mind

March because there are still miles away

Never-ending more I suppose

Stroll remember time is still in control

In everything you do

It meddles. Blows faster

With it`s unbelievable power

Can shake mountains,

Move the sea,

Crumble the mountain

It has no time to wait

like a fast burning candle

The New World had no fixed boundaries


2 thoughts on “Time As A Factor

  1. Glad I’m back to reading ur blog again, had Internet prob and couldn’t wait to get inspired by ur amazing words…….as always

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