I Will Quit Being Like Everyone Else:How To Avoid Mistakes That kills Creativity

Please there is no way you can understand what I am saying;  there is no way you can give me advice if you do not read my blog. It misdirects my plans but thanks for all the help that I have gotten so far. I appreciate everyone’s help;  it means the world to me .  Most of the people who have helped me were those who actually read my blog. Thanks,  and they know who they are. They remain anonymous.

Recently I have embarked on a journey of reading other blogs that are very unique and appealing to me. I ran Into Simon Brush field from Australia.  Note we both follow each other on Twitter. Recently he invited me to his blog.

Nkechi Waboso,
You have a new direct message.

But I wasn’t  sure why I would go there. So I finally went and I was thinking that  genuine artists are hard to find. They create all this work  and they  are always on the lookout  for whom they will inspire or encourage.

I am sure that one of the reasons he wanted me to come is to remind me that I am an artist and running around will kill my creativity( He is 100% right) . Mind you he reads my tweets, my agonies, my restlessness, and my frustrations.  At a point it was getting too much. As an artist, there is very  little you can explain to people. It all comes down to  what you see, what you hear and what goes on in life, I have never seen anyone who has a perfect life, easy money, easy life that all he or she does is to wake up everyday and is smiling.  If you care for others too there is also need to help everyone even though you are not in a position to do that.

I know my husband hates when people call me from Africa early in the morning  because that will ruin my whole day especially If I do not have  an answer to their immediate needs. As an artist, there is very little you can do about your finances. You cannot make one based on your personality. I am an introvert. I have said it . I have lived it and trust me it is hard. When my dad died last year in Africa, I could not raise money to go home. I have nobody to help me because I am not  out there too. People will always want your time back which has been very difficult for me especially raising four kids too.

In my last blog I wrote a similar post to a guy called Creative mystery after i saw how things were at that time for him. I wrote  hoping he  will read those words for encouragement.

I know an introvert when I read his or her words; I was shocked that there are still people like me: People that still have big walls surrounding them; people who do not know how to escape the guilt they harbor in their minds; people who do not know how to ask for help but will rather bury themselves with their own creations. I felt so sorry for the young man. I wish I could help him, give him a hug, and tell him everything will be okay.

For days he disappeared again. I was still monitoring his blog. I went back to actually read another blog he wrote; on this post, he was actually confessing about his guilt and how his faith had led him to his own confession that day. He was still reeling from his own pain and disappointments.  It was hard to let go according to him. I was so touched and I went and released my poetry that said, “A Promise Worth Keeping” with the hope he can read it and keep on moving, “I wish he would read that poem one day,” I said to myself.

Here is what I want everyone to take from this

1I am a human being . I have been fiercely looking for ways to make money but each time I ended up creating more words. What did that show you ? It means that I may not be rich after all. But God will give me a way to do just that.

” You accomplish victory step by step, not by leaps and Bound,”~Lyn ST. James.

2 Secondly, I have lost all my friends because on the outside people want you to be either black or white, apple or orange. But i am sorry I am a humanitarian . I was born this way and will not claim any origin. Is it part of the reasons i am suffering?  Secondly, I set up a donation fund that I have never raised money on it . I am sure nobody even read it. But I have more invitations to social awards, writers awards than I can imagine. What did  that tell you about me. They always tell me in those invitations, “get here if you can we just want to see you.” Well, please always realize that artists are human beings with their own simplified version of stubbornness if you want to call it that.

In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; and the cash will come later.~Harold Geneen

3 Recently. I went to a business writing  magazine and wanted to be friendly and all funny but guess what. My work did not come out right. I know it and I can never ever change who I am. Writing on a marketing magazine may not be a calling to me. I may not change anything but instead will get myself in a  hot water which is not good for me.

“The experience that you gain in any business venture, the ones you gain in any business is worth millions dollars. “(Walter Pascal.)

4 I am planning on moving beyond  face Book, because people always feed you bad stuff that only you can see and others cannot see, But guess what when you become irritated no one can  understand  why. So please choose wisely and know your friends on Facebook. they may not be friends after all.

5 Finally I promise to stay here and write poetry. believing in my God that somehow I will see money to publish my book and attend all the awards that I have been invited to and finally visit Africa one day.

” To achieve greatness, start where you are, use what you have , do what you can” ~Arthur Ashe.

This is all the blogs including Simon`s  Blog that says all I have written here in my blog.  My favorite blog till today that nobody read ” You Are Not A Marketer, Shut Up And write”. Please enjoy it.

Please remember to stay true to who you are. Do  not change your identity.  Work hard in improving things that are so  hard for you. At the end, all I have is this wonderful community as I know it . this wonderful writers, bloggers, authors, managers Diary, Diane,  Author Tina Gayle, Alexis grants , Gretchen Rubin  , Pat Flynn,  Amander, Susan Gunelius  ,  Mari and Marcin  Marczak, and all others that has helped me immensely. I will owe my success to all of you.

No one who achieves success does so without acknowledge the help of others. The wise acknowledges this help with gratitude ~ Unknown.

Please you can ask me any question you want. I will start more serious stuff come September. We can work together for a better cause.

Simon Brush field.

How to build self-confidence and avoid mistakes that destroy creativity


You Are Not A Marketer: “Shut Up And Write”


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3 thoughts on “I Will Quit Being Like Everyone Else:How To Avoid Mistakes That kills Creativity

    1. Diane is not about difficulty, It is more about finding privacy. Staying away from all of things you and I do not see. Technical writing make my hair spin. I am glad I am at peace and decided what is good for me.
      thank you for reading.

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