Ode To A GrandMother

 Where did time go?
Feeling Nostalgic, longing, homesick
It seems like yesterday that
My grandma has moved on to a better town.
If you grew up in West A, you will find out that kicking the bucket is as easy as A B C.
Especially when the government, the people, lack of care still rules.
It was sad to see you go, but reality insists that life must go on.
Reality can sets you off to an unknown terrestrial
It can carry you beyond the hazes
It can equally toss you back from the put
How can a woman who brought so much joy to people suffered greatly?
I can still see her hands shaking uncontrollably.
The images of a broken plates scattering all over the place
Be careful so that you don`t get hurt Grandma will scream
How many uncountable plates did she break?
I can hear her from the other room telling the Pakistan disease, or whatever its name was, to leave her alone.
As if the disease has ears, unending pain! Harsh reality, moving pain.
Grandma, who will come back to smile back at her beloved children?
Did the Parkinson’s leave her alone? NO!
Life’s Parallel I suppose.
Sickness that robbed away her bliss.
Sometimes things are so strange one cannot explain
Sometimes things are so surreal it will only make you cry
Life sets it realities any how any way it wants it
Time will tell when pains and suffering will desist

4 thoughts on “Ode To A GrandMother

    1. It is sad. when I came down here, i did not know anything about that disease. I later became aware of it. I will do anything to help those suffering this type of disease without knowing it. It is so common in Africa. Grand parents are the best. They love you no matter what.

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