Five Strategy To Let Go of Fear

Please listen to Be Brave By Sara Bareilles( Lyrics)

A friend told me recently that he has taken many steps in overcoming his fear of height. But height is not the only problems that people had to deal with every day. Most times people are afraid of losing a loved one, fear of losing their homes, insurance, health, eyesight and other unnecessary fears that we cannot count (If you like,fear of the  unknown).

What does unnecessary fear do to us?  It creates anxiety, and it makes us hate people that we felt that have contributed to our own problems. To make matter worse, we are  also scared to even confront the people that have done nothing but has ruin our lives. We became scared of speaking out our own mind for the fear of someone hating us . Fear is the number one reason people do not accomplish anything they had planned to do. With fear, people can stop exploring the right things in their lives

Five ways you can deal with fear in your life.

1 Speak up especially if you have anything nice to say. Speak your mind because the more you hold it inside the more likely you will become an angry person.

2 Speak up but don`t create any confusion.  Always say the truth, live by the truth and don’t worry about other things. Like I always say to my children, you are better off not saying anything than saying something that makes no sense.

3 Be happy the way you are, happy with what you have. You are who you are. And most importantly, help others achieve their dreams. Do not hate but love.

4 The moment you stop worrying about things you have no control of,the better things starts taking shape. So stop worrying and start living

5 Make your dream a reality.  Do not let fear come in between you and your dream. Stay focus as dream does not come by only dreaming it. But dreams takes a lot of conviction from your own heart that no one else can give you.

Three Things that can happen when you overcome your fear

Self-confidence will boost your ego.

Self-confidence is the way one carries him or herself. How you see things and how you approach difficulties.  When you let go of your fear, all other problems will disappear.  Self-confidence makes you walk out the door without worrying about what someone is going to say to you or for example  how you have your hair.  As long as you are not intrusive you can accomplish more tasks if you exhibit self-confidence.

Self-confidence contributes to your physical well-being.

 Fear can create uneasiness; it can make our hearts beat uncontrollably. It will make you want to  disappear. But overcoming your fear is good for your health. You will stop worrying and start breathing. The greatest feeling in life is when you let go of your fear, breath, exhale ,and let go. Research has shown that people that say and speak their mind are physically okay. When you do the right thing you are not angry and because you are not angry you do not channel that anger to yourself or someone else. . You are liberated.

Self-confidence creates a Path way for problem solving effort

People are much more effective problem solvers if they approach problems non- defensively. If they feel personally threatened and personally anxious about problems they encounter, they will focus their attention on themselves instead of the problem. They can also express both their  thought and feelings in a manner that will bring back joy to them . It also help one to  stick with  his or her  gut and feel free with it.  For example,  I drove an hour and half to school  three times every week when I went to college From Georgia to Athens. People tried to discourage me  from driving that long distance ; couple with the fact that I was pregnant too.

But that did not stop me from moving along with my schedule. When I look at it now, that decision I took 6 years ago was now the basis of my strength. I did not let fear cripple me. I have solved more problems in life than I have ever looked at it. And people should try and stick to their belief and do not let others put fear in them.  Self-confidence cannot only save you from problems but can make you healthy.  You can become a problem solver instead of worrying about your problem.If you want to confront your fears we can share tips on how to deal with it. What are you afraid of right now?  What is  your biggest fear?




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