Open House Open Confession

Have you felt this way before? Read On.
This love is new, real and unflattering
I have never loved like I did yesterday
I love you more than words can say
Only now can I begin to tell
What has never been said before
Finally I  came to a realization
That building walls around oneself
Is only good for a period of time
On my way to an open house
I was open to embrace
Uncluttered to inhale
Vulnerable to breathe
Exposed to be free
Built-up to love
Sweeping to see more clearly
Affectionate care, I suppose
Lord help me to handle the things that are hard to handle
Guide me through this journey
Walk with me even when I am weak
I trust that all my fears will no longer get the best of me
Help me to discover more so that I can  work with your children
This blog has given me so much stress.  I have spent two months trying to figure out things I did not know. Hope I can call here a home.

I welcome any comments

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