Down The Memory Lane

mommy and meBeing Mommy

 life is real, it never stops to surprise

What we know ,what we see !  may come back differently
Loving your kids can bring you joy
Knowing you care makes them happy
Distance between you and them should not be farther
learn to love them  no matter what
loving them brings hope, joy, and inspirations
On the road something new happened. As tears began to fall
The missed glories, the uncertainties, the Forlorn hopes
The times yes I mean times, the uncertainties, the vague things
Every detail seems unclear as mother struggle with doubts, and anxiety
Retracting steps, as clock winged
Parents beloved  your children when time permits.
Share time, perfect time, quality time.
Time goes fast , more than we ever imagined.
Things that children need is very little
In parallel ,there demands are few
Try and remember them
Those funny little things,those silliest jokes, the tickles
That goes to the memory lanes
Both indoors and outdoors
Do things you never do before.
Think time, think clock, think reality.

4 thoughts on “Down The Memory Lane

      1. I’m here ..just a little tired still as not sleeping well… apt on Sept 3rd…hopefully something will come of it… really behind reading blogs because of this…Diane

      2. As soon as my life gets better, i will definitely like to see this woman that has changed my life forever. I will forever remain grateful to you.
        Hope you feel better Diane.

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