life To The Children.

I guess I Own my life to the children.

Children of all ages,  from 4years I suppose

If not, how can, it has been a long time going.

 If I see a child crying

I will stop and asked, what happen?  The joy in their face after that keeps me going

The laughter, their joy their smile takes me back to when I was a little child

When my grandma use to make me happy

She always looks at me in the eye and that is all done

Four children came running to me, aunty Nicky Sadie is on the floor crying

What happened today, some kids where laughing at me she said!

I bent down to wipe her tears. Please stop I said to her

Tell me what makes you happy. Lollypop I as suppose

He that is the magic, magic that has no bearing, it works, it is real can wait to try it on other kids

What makes my life happy?

The joy that all children will one day, find their own perfect place

A joy beneath the river

It is real I cannot imagine

I once let a girl loose from her madam

She has spent years washing clothes for the family

I guess my action set the young girl free from slavery

But it cost me a relationship I suppose

Who care about relationship I asked

I will continued to be happy because of my bravery

If you see a child sad, could you please find out why?

There is reason for them to be happy

Happiness is for all the children

Sadness should be for those who mislead them

Whenever I see myself cladding the children

I know there is something between me and those children

I love how little lollypop can do the magic

Simple words, act of dedication, please never set off because they

 Now needs our directions more than ever.


2 thoughts on “life To The Children.

  1. Yes we should all care about children even as we go about our daily life and we see a child in distress.. We need to care… Diane

    note.. Nkechi When you do transfer a blog from your .org one you don’t have a ‘like’ option for your readers… They don’t have that in the .org ..

    1. Thank you so much. I like your new logo. It is clear. i hope you are doing well. I really miss you. You are like a mum to me.You are always looking out for me. May god bless you.

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