You Are Not A Mistake.

It may sound confusing, but you are not a mistake.

You are so here for a reason; therefore, stand tall.

Whoever told you that it is getting worse is a tall tale.

Children are nurtured, skilled, heartened for a fight

You do not hatch them and let them train themselves.

Don’t stand in a face of freedom.

Let the children rise and see for themselves.

Triple fold, unending folds; let them free.

Writing is not for those who capitalize on other people`s  pain.

Writers are kind, passionate ,and have a cause even if it will cause them their life.

Be steadfast in your endeavors.

Work with all your heart.

Rise and shine even in tribulations,


4 thoughts on “You Are Not A Mistake.

  1. sometime we are in a rush dat we forget to discover why we exist, i am an african youth with a dream, and this site is really improving my knoledge, thanks to the admin

    1. We are all here for a reason. Somebody wrote in her blog that Saving The World is a glorified welfare, I have spent 15years in college here, If Welfare was so good for the people why did I not chose that path. My concern is that a lot of kids will grow up not knowing what life is all about.
      I pray that God in his infinite mercies shall open all the children`s eye. So that they will see a better path in life and not the paths that their parents chose for them. Knowledge is power. they should always associate themselves with anyone willing to show them the right way of doing things. Show them that hard work pays.

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