The Unfolding Truth: “Do You Judge A Book By Its Cover?” Part 1

My interview with My Ten year Old daughter.

On our recent road travel,  something very dramatic happened that really renewed my interest about books and the effects it has in our lives generally and especially on children.Reading a book has been easier now due to its availability on eBooks that sometimes does not really showcase its cover just like we have them on bookshelves. I often blog thinking people will read my work regardless of the title. I have for the most part written some well crafted articles, but due to poor choice of headings, few  people probably looked at it. One example was “You Are Not A Marketer; Shut Up And Write.” I was shocked to see that I can count many blogs that I wrote that nobody looked at it due to its poor headings. I never worry about books and cover before. But now that I am putting a book together, I cannot help but worry about it. But for most children it will be so hard to get them on board like reading eBooks and other print media like the adults are becoming used to.

I know that most schools are working  very hard in making electronic  reading fun for the children. Children  love the color of  a  book; no doubt about that. They also love the feel and the excitement of putting  a bookmark wherever they stop reading a chapter. They  also love the idea that  they do not have to worry about opening a computer to finish an end to a book or pause for a book’s suspense.

But also as someone who had read books in class for children for years, one thing I also noticed is that the children do not choose most of the books read in the classrooms because the teachers do. But the kids get so excited about grammar and the good choices of words as we read along.

Also compared to another experience I had at a book fair, most girls in comparison to boys choose more with color books like Fairies, Pinkalicious and other colorful books like The Tail of Emily Windsnap. More boys go with Lego and Pokemon. As a volunteer  in school book Fair for three years now too.I also noticed how popular contents went so fast, and the ones with color were the most purchased books. I would have make my observation to be anything but.

How could I have known? Because my 10 year old has this massive interest in reading books. I saw her reading  a book 13 Gifts by Wendy Mass. The 13 Gifts looks so colorful, bright and well decorated. It is also appealing to look at but also very lengthy. The 13 Gifts has 340 pages.

My daughter insists that “Although people always say do not judge a book by its cover, but between me and my friends Mummy, we love the title of a book. and the cover of a book. I do not care how long a book is. Yes we judge a book by its cover.”

I will  love to read that  book, but I do not have time, but It sparked this argument that I have known a long time. What makes a book worth  opening and listening to? Amy has read more than  2000 books, such as Renegade Magic. Amara is a student at Palm Valley Elementary School where reading takes center stage. She is a gifted student  who spent all her mornings reading and writing. For me to get more information on her, I had to interview her about books.

This is excerpt from my ten year old daughter about books.

Q: 1. What sparks your interest about a book?

A: The book’s cover, The title of a book. The mysteries, the adventures,  the secrets unfolding, the  creativity, and the problem solver.

Q: 2. What do you like best about books?

A: How it is almost like your life? I like the moral lessons. how  it entwined with life situations, how  most books  always end happily, how it always gets interesting, confusing, and  very dramatic and real.

Q: 3. What types of books do you like reading?

A: Nonfiction, adventure books, like The Titan’s Curse and dramatic books. and really funny books.

Q: 4. Why do you think that most children do not like reading lengthy books?

A: They think a book is boring, very long; they  will rather watch  movies on TV and playing outside or the computers or video games, or iPad or mostly electronics.

Q: 5. Why do you think it is so?

A: It is because many kids don’t like reading. They would rather do something else.

Q: 6. How can parents make reading fun for their kids?

A: They can use different types of voices to make books sound silly, and that can make people read. Parents can provide incentives for every book their children finished. As a parent, you have to ask your child  a question  about the summary of the book to know if she or he actually read it.

Q: 7. How did you get hooked up with books?

A: Well I saw a title of a book when I was five years old, and a picture, and I liked it, and it was good.

Q: 8. What is your message to parents?

A: Pay them to read. Get rid of their chores for every hour they read. Or late curfew. Encourage your children to take five to ten minutes break after reading for a long time. Make reading fun.

Q: 9. What are the advantages of reading a book?

A: According to Amara in her own words, ” When reading, you’re in a whole different world. You can picture yourself inside the book like you’re on the side watching everything  thinking  what you could have done to change the book, so there’s no problem. Whether it is a good thing  or  a bad thing, if  kids read a book that’s all perfect, then it would get boring. Instead just have them write on a piece of paper. Let them write what they would have done  to make things better in that  book. For, of course, a payment (hint, hint). Well that’s it for now from me. If you have any more questions, write to my mom, and we can share ideas together . Thank you!!!!!!!! JJ

For her a book cover ranks number 1 on her list.  But as her mother,I am very sure the content works  for her and her friends too . But was surprise that the title did  come close. For me I never judge a book by its cover. But I get excited about a books  title .  But to help me further now;  I have decided to interview a college professor  too. Someone  who has  read so many books to see  her take on judging a book by content or cover. How do you judge a book? I will like to know as this will guide me in preparing for  the book that I am putting together. What do you think?


3 thoughts on “The Unfolding Truth: “Do You Judge A Book By Its Cover?” Part 1

  1. My parents made reading fun for me. In the beginning of elementary school, reading was not a chore but something I loved to do. I’m glad they made reading fun and offered a few incentives for doing so. Reading made a big difference as I grew older.

    1. Thank you so much. But you could not have even aspired to write if book was not part of who you are. In future we will share how parents have made reading fun over the years with their children. Thank you for reading. You know how much I enjoy reading from you.

  2. Thank you so much. But you could not have even aspired to write if book was not part of who you are. In future we will share how parents have made reading fun over the years with their children. Thank you for reading. You know how much I enjoy reading from you.

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