Journey Through El Paso

Journey through El Paso

Driving through the way laid land.

In a desert full of flurry, sands, graves, wind twisters.

A journey coast to coast.

The journey through El Paso

The cemeteries, the beautiful trees, the dry grasses, the hip jesters

The red trucks, the fancy cars, the trashy cars.

The canary, where racing begins.

The free loaders, the rejoinders.

Saving faces as we kept on moving

Toward El Paso over the threshold

Quiet, guilt, calm as the people move

Sand twisters, sand blowers, mind blowers, quiet pacers strange as can be.

 Great Elpaso made notorious by the great  Democrats

Singing Blues over the egde

Repetition of the word made it easy

yes to find the furlough.

As I waited to pass the edge.

it become cold, quiet and calm

contrary to what they people made it to be, loud , noisy and clasp of hands

But my memory still real on a way over ElPaso

Life is not really as it seems on Television


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