Are Mothers Getting Enough Help They Need About Preschool? Education.

Did you know 90% of brain growth happens in the first five years of life? There’s no better time to invest in a child’s future than before they reach kindergarten.

Today my fourth, the last, daughter began kindergarten. The preschool years are  the complete reasons why a lot of women fall short or even become poor. As a learner myself, the question that anybody will ask mothers like me is this. Why do mothers spend 10 years or more sending their kids to preschool even when it is not financially okay for them?  Why not throw them in a day care so that women can work since day care can keep the children. Well some women are very smart because they know that there is a great difference between daycare and preschool. Going back to my question, the answer is because it is a perfect way to help a child think better in a long run .

Preschool for most people starts at three years old. An average full day for preschoolers is $600 and geared towards working parents. An average half day runs between $200 and runs from M-Th between 11 ;30 am and 2;15pm depending on where you live. As a mother with children in half day you cannot schedule anything because you are always working with time. All four of our children went through half day for 10 years. It was part of the reason why we did not do that much . Now you know why I am speaking  freedom. Preschool years are the most confusing times in people`s   lives especially if they are doing half day.

Secondly, why do a lot of mothers spend years after years doing half day/full day preschool? For most parents, preschool is the most expensive and the most time consuming times in any mother’s life. So if you are one of those mothers  like me who has done the preschool run for ten years and finally your last child is in Kindergarten, you should be proud of yourself. Give yourself a thumbs up because it is not easy to do what you just did. You know the importance of school play. You also know about brain coordination that happens early in children. But overall you made it look easy. Although you might not be financially okay, you are smart. You have done your own investment by bringing up happy  children.

Finally It is a time to let preschoolers free and allow them to play and not fall asleep as most day care centers do. Some not so quality daycare centers promote sleep intrusion. But all preschools are run as a continuation to regular school which allows them to  play at scheduled times. Why, because play increases their curiosities and explorations.

 What Will Now Happen :Today my 5 year old and one million other former preschoolers begin kindergarten.

1 it means that as parents of former preschoolers, we do not have to run up and down to pick  up  a child because half day  has very short days. 21/2 hours everyday. No more running from one corner to the other. An average household will be  saving about  $ 600 and  $200 respectively  a month now.

2 It also means that parents can  comfortably go out there with an extra five hours. They  can look for a job which also depend on if the child in kindergarten is the last one .

3 As a parent  it means that we  can have any kind of appointment without looking at  the ‘ time.

4  for me  It also means that I can now have time to do more work outside home. Conduct  some interviews. What else that I cannot do?  It is often tempting  to start life  with money, money; that is why may  people are ashamed to say they are poor, even when you know they are poor.But I totally believe in preschool. All our four children benefited from it. It is very helpful to both parents and teachers. There is nothing  as sweet as a child coming to school well  prepared. It makes life easy  for the teachers and the  parent volunteers.

Poverty does not make anyone blind; rather, it makes people to  see beyond poverty and do what is necessary not really comfortable for their children..

Sad news is that kindergarten is half days now in the country. Sad news is that there are mothers who will fall into all these counties that cannot afford full day kindergarten to at least have a break from all the years spent at preschool. The good news is that while other cities have cut down on their kindergarten because government cannot afford it, but my county can afford it due to a group of hardworking individuals. So I am happy that I will enjoy full day kindergarten. We praise all the volunteers who made it happen. Now think about your county. What are you doing to help your county? How are you helping your children get their early childhood education? We may not have answer right now but we need to answer them.

These working people raise funds for the school while people like us, the stay home mums, make sure that we provide all the cleanings, readings and anything we can. The communities come together for a great course.

My Advice for New stay home mums

Know that everything that has a beginning must have an end.

As you take your child with all the sacrifices you do, know that you are

helping everyone of us,

The problems that most mothers encounters

The problem is that  in preschool school run.1 First you have to have a car and gas money to run around.Secondly most preschools are situated; they are not actually in the area you expect it to be unlike your typical kindergarten that provides a bus for people in the neighborhoods. Typically preschools do not, and that is where the whole confusion lies.  From my own understanding there is a great difference between the Public funded head starts and the privately run preschools? But If an average mum cannot get to the school whichever one. How is she going to help her child? We all understand that unexpected things do happen. We also know that we have a lot of clueless mums around. We also know that most children may fall into  one or more  of the  unforeseen circumstances due to no fault of their own? But  how is the best way of creating this awareness. Early child education saves children from falling behind.

Advantages of Preschool

1 Play occurs more during this time. Through playing, children acquire skills, ideas, and values that are necessary for their growth.

2 During preschool they form their words and vocabulary. Play leads to exploration and mastery of their worlds.

3 Also during preschool, they get a play pattern and form their own personalities too.

Now you can come to this blog and tell me how I can be very effective in spreading this message. How can we spread the message of love and not hate? Speak your mind. Tell me what you think.

Did you know 90% of brain growth happens in the first five years of life? There’s no better time to invest in a child’s future than before they reach kindergarten.

Join us and tell your Senator to support #‎Preschool4All: All kids deserve a chance to live up to their potential.

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Something No Mother Can Tell You


2 thoughts on “Are Mothers Getting Enough Help They Need About Preschool? Education.

  1. You have taken the right step in the right direction. By investing time, energy and finance into human devpt, you have built urself castle in heaven. You may consider urself poor based on human standards but u are rich in the sight of God. The children you have invested ten yrs in giving best training are the best of God’s creation. Everyone should in his or her little way pass on this message to young mothers. We all need to know, we must have one voice in ensuring we raise emotionally, spiritually, academically and socially stable children. Our society will be the better for it. CONGRATULATIONS and may the light of the Lord keep shining on the graduand.

    1. Thank you so much .There are issues people will rather not talk about. I practice what I preach. I hope they start talking about children that are having babies and how they can actually understand real parenting, I will continue to do what I can. Thank you so much

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