Reality, Lessons, And Changing Times

I remember when I told  the general public how It  feels when someone moves without saying bye; especially If I knew those people for a long time( but most people do not believe in this including my own children). Last week when I was going on a seven day road trip. I wanted to go  quietly. But on a second thought, I decided to write it in my blog . I wrote it not because I have declared my self a celebrity. But because  I felt I should not treat people as if they do not matter especially people that have been reading my blog since I started writing. For me, to keep them wandering is not a good way of communicating.

Yesterday again when we came back from our trip, we were tired,and exhausted at same time. Imagine going on a road trip with four under 13year olds . I wanted to just move on. But I also realize that even while I was away. I have well wishers wishing me well and I cannot ignore that too.

Things that make sense

1 During the trip, I realized that I needed that break. It brought a whole new meanings to my life right now.  I was more tensed  than I had thought, But I did`nt  realize that . During the time away, I was able to do things normally I would not have done especially with  time constraints.

2  I also realize  how vulnerable life is for most people going through divorce. I took it so personal ,especially  my girlfriend is going through a  divorce and I was crying that life is not fair. She was consoling me also to  take it easy. She kept telling me that I should stop lamenting because in life , we can easily get discouraged . But how do you know that? probably she reads my blog too and had  never told me to stop on my comment box. That is why , I  have more unanimous readers which is not good for me. I am listening and learning too. Lessons of  life, both from far and near.

3 I also spent more time reflecting on so many things. Thinking what  I could  have done differently? Whether by my actions, my blog ,my children and other things I am interested in . Is life  fair?  if you ask me, I will say yes. But I will also tell people  to keep  working  hard .Whether  they  are working for their children, in  their  work places , for their  husbands or even when they are blogging. life needs more updates every time. I have had more updates in my own life than anyone I can think of. I am still trying too many options to see which works better.

On Changing Times :The Untold Stories 

I also did not tell  anyone  that I had visited more than 20 or more  States in the country  before I became  a mum. But had not really travel except when we are relocating especially now that we are many. Also before  my children were born, I had travel alone for days in  Boston so that I could go to  law school , because Harvard was an ideal university for every foreigner until they get here from their countries and then realized that life is rough.  But I ran away from the cold city. Not to impress anyone now or make it all about me no! but to tell you how life changes for most people.

I finally wept and said to myself, “parenting is a choice”  that we all have to make. A choice that is so critical for every parent. If  anyone  decides to have   children. Whether it is convenient or not,  we may somehow switch direction for them. Because  If we  do  not  raise them well , they  will  become another added liability to an already saturated , and complicated situations as we have now.

Finally I want people to know how civilized , how generous. and kind the people of this great country is. When you are in trouble, check your emails for honest and clear solutions. People will go to any length to give you  all the information one needs. Thanking  everyone who thought about me while I was gone . All of you, I could not have done it differently.There  is always going to be life lessons  , innovations with our  ever changing times. Help me  get better. Think about what I could have done differently? .


2 thoughts on “Reality, Lessons, And Changing Times

    1. Thank you so much. I was able to ride roller coaster.,Normally I would not do it . I was a new person coming back from the trip . I needed the break. it has renewed my mind too,

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