Born To Be Alone

At the fetus you were alone.

Cuddled, warm, calm inside the clasping on your mother’s womb.

On your centenary, you’re left, abandoned and cradling on your peaceful memories.

Your  peace resembles the flowers in the garden.

First time you find love you were abandon, left, forsaken, yet you were alone.

Right before your own eyes, the demise of your treasured left you empty and abandoned, yet you remained alone.

When you float do you feel yourself? Can anyone hear your cry?

 When you screech does anyone listen to save you. Have you envisioned loneliness?

 How bare can you get?

 As creator of lyrics, how far can you go with your imaginations?

Do you come out experimenting loneliness?

How will the world see you?

Alone, a loner, in a mist of loneliness


I welcome any comments

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