The Super Sweet Blog Award

This an amazing compliments of the season .To be Nominated by some one who reads your work .And to be in a class of those nominated too is humbling. Thank you Gynji. You are an inspiration to arts in general .

Domestic Geek Girl

Cupcake4This is another super belated blog post that I’ve been meaning to write for… umm, forever now. (I can’t remember how long I’ve been sitting on this one. When dates fail me, I usually opt for reckoning time with infinity.)

I was given this award by the lovely Miss Buffy of the Storytime With Buffy Blog. She is a delightful gal living in London and she is a horrid horrid bookworm like me. Only she talks about her books much more than I do. Which I hope to soon remedy. (Gonna start doing more book reviews and catch up with you, chick! *shakes fist!*)

It’s always really nice to know that someone likes your blog. I ultimately blog for myself, it’s a kind of an acceptable narcissism and creative time waster in my life, but when someone else says, “Hey, I read this thing you wrote. And it’s not…

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