My Swift Personality

Yes  you`re  higgledy-piggledy.

Repositioning, twisting, turning, aggravated.

Yes I am superfluous, flipping up and down like every nice politician.

Yes I am at a cross road, changing dates, fixing dates, adding more dates.

Yes you are running from plans, and fixing more plans.

Yes I do so because I am still anthropoid.

I still eavesdrop to advices  that comes in masses,

with each one full of long life, prosperity, and hopes.

I am still grateful that  you care.

Yes I am not ungracious.

Yes look at it this way, I am a public envoy.

Please do not see it as paleness.

But rather see it as champions do .

Champs never die

But will resurrect.

Like a minivan van twisting of the road,

We welcome every cookie, lollipops, and candies.

 Like Jeff Groins will ask “Are you interru-ptible?

“Do you let the noise of the world collide with the busyness of your life… in a good way?

 I will bump myself and say “sort of “

Food For thoughts

What do writers have in common with politicians?

Just like politicians play politics with the general public, writers write to appease the  general public.

Like the renowned flops in politics, writers do flip flop if it`s necessary.

For most writers, flip flopping is not necessarily a weakness, but means   a good thing:  because we care.

On the other hand, If you are a politician, it means people cannot trust you again (you flop)

Unlike a dishonest politician who can lose a election for flopping. There is no stigma attach to flip flopping in arts.



2 thoughts on “My Swift Personality

  1. A writer is also a role player.. She or he can back out from the original plans to appease the public. Also remember that a writer can calm down any fear about her from the people by admitting to wrong doing indirectly. So please do not discern an honest writer but pray for God to give her strength to face the people.

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